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If you have decided that now is the right time to start setting some realistic objectives for the future you may be looking into different forms of marketing to boost your business especially if you are lacking in growth.

Prior to making a decision about a marketing campaign, you should carry out a pilot project so that you can solidify your objectives. Amvoc is more than happy to help you establish the parameters of a marketing campaign, this usually starts with telemarketing.

As one of the top London telemarketing companies, Amvoc has the ability and technology to provide you with a bespoke and tailor-made campaign and a full analysis of the pilot project. You can then decide if telemarketing is the way forward for your company.

One of the companies we currently work on behalf of provides management training courses to companies with an employee base of over 500. Amvoc is responsible for the full telemarketing complement on behalf of this company and the reason for this is the success we had during the pilot campaign stage of the project. There are a number of benefits to using an external consultancy such as Amvoc, one of which being that we already have the experience and training necessary to produce results.

All of the experienced marketing operatives here at Amvoc are accustomed to a very high daily calling rate which others may find it difficult to get used to. Again, objection handling and need identification is something that will stop and inexperienced telemarketer in their tracks. All of the telemarketers here at Amvoc have been trained to override objections and identify whether or not a prospect has a genuine need for the products or services we are offering. If you are looking to grow your company you have the best chance by using the services of the experts at Amvoc.

Top Telemarketing companies in London

If you are considering your options in terms of growing your business, you may want to consider embarking on a telemarketing campaign. Telemarketing can help you to build valuable foundations with new prospects and can also help you to build solid relationships on existing foundations. There is little or no point in sourcing new business opportunities if you are not going to nurture them and look after them. There is a fine balance when it comes to looking for new business and keeping existing custom. If you need to find this balance, you should seek advice from the experienced marketing executives at Amvoc.

We will carry out a full and comprehensive review into your client acquisition and client retention in order to design a bespoke campaign that will offer you the best balance of both.

Not only can Amvoc help you to grow your business, we can also assist you if you are interested in pursuing new avenues or markets. One example that really does show our expertise in this area relates to a project we carried out or behalf of a national cleaning company based in London.

This particular client of ours had already tried using the services of some of the top telemarketing companies in London and had not experienced any success with their campaigns. Not ready to give up, and desperate for new and profitable commercial cleaning contracts, our client approached us for help.

Appointment setting on behalf of contract cleaning companies is something that we have extensive experience in having already helped numerous businesses in the UK. Although this is a particularly difficult type of exercise to perform successfully, Amvoc was incredibly successful with this client’s campaign as we have an excellent method of communicating with large city organisations. We also know what we are looking for and ask the right questions in order to gain the information that will turn a phone call into a meeting!

List of Telemarketing companies London

Have you been looking at a list of the telemarketing companies in London and have you also been paying close attention to the costs attached to using the services provided by these organization?

Those that work in the capital city have to contend with the overheads of working in London. Thankfully, Amvoc does not have to worry about the cost of paying city prices because we are based in a beautiful town in the Yorkshire Dales.

Our unique and diverse approach to telemarketing will be a revelation to you! Amvoc can provide the exact same standard of service as any telemarketing company in London despite our location – in fact, we like to think we provide the highest standard of service in this industry.

If you, like one of our clients based in London, have recently become aware that your competitor is launching a major campaign and growing rapidly you may need to take prompt and decisive action quickly.

You have to be a leader in the market in order to survive; do not let your competitors get in the way or steel your existing customer base. You have to be proactive in retaining your existing clients whilst beating your competitors to find new business opportunities.

Amvoc has been working in the telemarketing industry for years and we have developed many different, yet equally as efficient, strategies for eliminating the opposition!

Our client in London, a huge firm of accountants, started to worry about the client retention and acquisition after a rival company in the same area was overtaken by a much larger company with a much bigger marketing and advertising budget.

Amvoc suggested a combined campaign that would incorporate client retention and new client acquisition. We still have a team of four telemarketers working solidly on behalf of this London based firm of accountants, three of which are responsible for finding new clients, one is responsible for regularly touching base with existing clients to ensure they are satisfied with the service they are receiving.

Telemarketing companies in London

There are a vast number of telemarketing companies in London. Many of them will provide an excellent level of service but it will come at a price. The beauty of telemarketing is that it can be performed from a location anywhere in the UK. Amvoc does not have an office in the city for a very good reason. We keep our overheads down by working from a remote location in the Yorkshire Dales so that we can provide this service at an extremely competitive price. If you want to invest in telemarketing you want to see the biggest return. By utilising the telemarketing expertise of the team at Amvoc you are giving your business the best chance of improving its bottom line – not just because we can save you money.

Amvoc has an impressive portfolio of clients already and our client retention rate is exceptional because of the fantastic service we provide.

One of the London based clients we campaign for decided to use our services because they were confident in our abilities and they were also impressed by the unbeatable cost of using our services.

Because Amvoc was able to offer a genuinely competitive pricing structure to this client their cost per acquisition was a minimum of 10% lower than it had been with our predecessor. Not only that, Amvoc was able to provide double the number of leads our client was expecting therefore lowering their cost per acquisition by another 50%.

If you are currently paying £250.00 per lead for new business you should seriously consider discussing you options with the new business team here at Amvoc. We are confident we can help your bottom line and produce the results you are looking for from a telemarketing campaign.

Appointment setting London

Appointment setting is notoriously difficult especially when you are targeting large corporations and businesses in London.

Time is a valuable commodity and it can be just as difficult to get a prospect to give up their time as it is to get them to part with their money. There is an art to successful appointment setting.

The trick is to be accepted as a welcome guest rather than an annoying pest. In a world that is filled with electronic communication and media advertising, sometimes a phone call can be a refreshing change.

By incorporating telemarketing into your sales cycle, you will be opening doors to a whole new crop of prospective clients. Amvoc can help you get your foot in the door and can help you turn leads into sales.

It is important to get that very first conversation right. If you can make the best impression during that first phone call, you can eventually convert this into a meeting. Some telemarketing campaigns are what we call “slow burning” other telemarketing campaigns produce instant results.

Appointment setting, when carried out by a professional telemarketer, generally produces instant results although sometimes the appointment may not be set until the second phone call.

Amvoc worked on behalf of an extremely large corporation based in the USA that wanted to roll out sales of products in the UK. Amvoc was required to book appointments with finance directors from multi-million pound corporations in London so that the sales directors from our U.S.-based client’s headquarters could attend a meeting and demonstrate their technical products.

Amvoc had extremely strict schedules to adhere to based on the timing of our clients business trips to the UK; thanks to the professionalism and diligence of the telemarketing is here at Amvoc, however, our clients had an incredibly busy schedule and dazzling sales report. We are now rolling out this technique for the same client in European countries.

London Telesales company

Selling products or services over the phone is completely different to making sales face-to-face. When you are selling over the phone, the prospect cannot see a smartly dressed representative, they have no glittering products to touch and no demonstration of a service - all they have is a voice on the other end of the phone.

It is incredibly important that you do not launch a verbal attack on a prospect as soon as the answer the phone. Remember to pause and take a breath and please avoid speaking in a monotone manner. Do your telesales executives sound board and unenthusiastic?

If you sound bored and unenthusiastic on the phone it can give your prospect the impression that your products are also lacking in substance.

Imagine your voice is a rainbow – full of colour! Rainbows would be incredibly boring if they were just one colour – remember this when speaking on the phone. It is also important that a telesales executive is relaxed when on the phone. If you are trying to establish a campaign in London but your telesales company is not having much luck, it may be that they do not have the right product knowledge which means that they are not confident in what they are selling.

You should give Amvoc the chance to show you how telemarketing is really done. You can access all of your call recordings so you will be able to see the difference for yourself.

One of our London based clients had made the mistake of paying a telemarketing company up front for 50 leads; they parted with their cash and received very little in the way of new business apart from a few questionable appointments.

Thankfully Amvoc has been able to restore our client’s faith in telemarketing after offering them as much involvement in their campaign as they needed. We are more than happy to offer you a trial of our services until you are comfortable with what we have to offer.

Telemarketing outsourcing London

If you have decided to embark upon a telemarketing campaign you should seriously consider outsourcing, even in the first instance, in order to establish exactly how much of an impact this type of approach will have on your bottom line.

Telemarketing is not as straightforward as it may seem and instantly rushing into an in-house campaign can be disastrous; Amvoc would strongly recommend you consider outsourcing your telemarketing and we are more than willing to visit your offices in London to discuss your campaign.

There are significant overheads involved in running an in-house campaign and this can have a huge impact on your return. By using the services of an outsource company you can accurately gauge how much return you should expect to see on a relatively small investment.

For a single low daily rate you will have access to a whole host of services from Amvoc. Your account will be managed by Amvoc’s experienced, mature and professional managers and the daily calls will be made by our well-trained and skilled telesales executives.

Each and every stage of your campaign will be monitored closely by your account manager; all of our calls are recorded so you can listen to the style and content of any calls at the touch of a button.

You can have as much or as little involvement in your campaign as you feel comfortable with. Some of our clients like to be actively involved in their campaign every day, for example we work for a large Yorkshire based law firm and they like to be provided with hourly updates on all of the calls we handle, other clients prefer to sit back and watch their profits grow.

Whatever you are looking for you will find here at Amvoc!

Telesales companies in London

Just because you are based in London it does not mean you are limited to using telesales companies that are also based in London.

Based in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, Amvoc has something that no other marketing company has! In fact, we have lots of USP that set us aside from the rest but the most attractive to our clients is the lack of overheads.

If we don’t have to pay city costs to operate, you don’t have to pay city costs for our services: Bonus! We can, however, still provide state of the art services using the latest CRM, call recording and analysis systems.

Because we have chosen not to work from a central London office we do not have to charge our clients extortionate rates for an exceptional service. The culture of our organisationis a whole world apart from any other telemarketing company you will ever encounter.

In order to really understand what makes Amvoc so different, we would strongly suggest you visit our offices and meet the various teams that work within our organisation.

If you do decide to outsource to Amvoc, you will have access to continuous account management and development programmes so that you can be confident your team is making the best use of the money you have invested in telemarketing.

When it comes to telemarketing, professionalism is paramount so Amvoc will really get to know your company in order to project the best possible image of your organisation.

One of our London based clients, a sheet metal exporter, was astonished upon making initial contact with Amvoc because of the low prices we charged. After discussing their needs with our new business development manager John, they were further impressed with the skills we have in international business to business telemarketing.

Telesales companies London

There is never the “perfect time”. Something may always get in the way. But, if you are looking to generate impetus and momentum in your business, you need to take the bull by the horns and get on with it.

Amvoc carried out an extremely successful new business campaign during which we made contact with a number of prospects that we have since nurtured and turned into clients. One of our clients, the biggest manufacturer and supplier of hair straighteners in the UK, was acquired from our new business campaign.

Amvoc initially contacted this client in the summer but, at that time, they did not have a need for our services. We did, however, keep touching base with this prospect in order to ascertain if their circumstances had changed. They had, during our initial conversation, expressed an interest in telesales so we were keen to showcase our talents to them.

With the launch of a new product range, our client decided to test a telesales campaign to see if it would make a significant difference to their sales. And what a difference it made! Amvoc was tasked with contacting every licenced beauty salon in the UK with a view to selling our clients products which they, in turn, would sell to the end user on the high street. Our client’s products are only available from salons in the UK, not from shops in the high street.

Amvoc really did show our client what they had been missing prior to using our services. The highly trained team of telesales executives responsible for this campaign worked with their usual enthusiasm and drive in order to produce results beyond our client’s expectations.

There are, of course, telesales companies in London that would have been able to handle this account on behalf of our client but Amvoc won the account in the end because of our persistence prior to working together.

Our client did say that they were extremely impressed with our determination to work with them and they can see this is reflected in their campaign too.

Telesales company London

If you are looking for a telesales company in London there are various different options available to you. By using a professional and well established telemarketing consultancy like Amvoc, you are allowing your approach to telemarketing to be attributed to the marketing campaign.

There is an art to successful telesales which why you should consider outsourcing your project. This could prove to be a crucial step in formulating an effective technique for you to use in the future of any new business ventures you may have planned.

Every business needs to grow and develop in order to maintain stability and compete in an extremely competitive market. Having a keen interest in taking a proactive approach can result in continued growth and successful expansion.

Telemarketing is a tool that many businesses across the UK decide to use and, if you are serious about the future of your business, it is an option that you should explore.

One of our clients, an extremely well established textile manufacturer based in London, was looking for a telemarketing company that would offer an extremely flexible approach in terms of working hours. Our client had a specific set of requirements that we needed to fulfil and, in order to do so successfully, it meant contacting companies based in other countries.

Naturally, Amvoc had to schedule our calling around the time differences. Thankfully, all of our employees are extremely flexible when it comes to their working patterns. With this particular project, we did start calling in the middle of the night if we needed to reach their existing clients in eastern countries and we started later in the day in order to make contact with their existing client base in Central and South America.

Our flexibility combined with our linguistic skills has generated a long-lasting and prosperous relationship with this particular client.

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