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A telemarketing campaign may well be the best investment you will ever make. If you would like to grow your business successfully and encounter new business opportunities in the right market for you, Amvoc can offer you the best advice about marketing technique you need to use.

Our experienced members of staff have extensive knowledge in the telemarketing arena but our expertise does not end there. Amvoc also has an ad agency, which allows us to achieve significant discounts with various methods of advertising, we have an extensive design department that can help you rebrand if necessary and we also offer a whole host of other services.

Telemarketing is the most measurable way of seeing virtually instant results in comparison to other types of marketing. If you have been looking at a list of telemarketing companies in London, you may be put off by the prices charged by city companies.

Due to the fact that Amvoc is based in a location that does not attract significant overheads, we are able to ensure that this price is reflected on our customers.

Even though our daily rate is significantly lower than our competitors, you can still expect to receive a much higher standard of service. It is essential that Amvoc has time to carry out a full analysis of legal needs prior to designing a campaign in order to ensure that we have full knowledge of your key benefits and USPs.

Amvoc currently works full-time for an international petroleum supplier that is based in London. We carry out every single aspect of their telemarketing activities as we were able to impress them significantly with a pilot campaign we designed on their behalf. It is also crucial that you allow your chosen telemarketing company to perform a pilot campaign so that you can gauge accurately whether or not telemarketing is right for you.

Top Telemarketing companies in London

If you are looking for a top telemarketing service you do not necessarily just need to concentrate on companies based in London. Regardless of a telemarketing company’s location in the UK, calls can still be made on your behalf to a destination anywhere in the world.

It is not the location that gets the sales – it is the skills of the telemarketers working on your campaign.

Amvoc will take a number of factors into consideration when designing a telemarketing campaign that is most appropriate for your individual needs. Your telemarketing project may well turn in to the most productive method of generating new business opportunities for your organisation so it is extremely important that you are engaging with the right target audience.

All of the telemarketers at Amvoc follow a rigorous training schedule in order to perfect their existing natural skills in the sales field. You can be extremely confident that you are getting the best possible service provided by the most successful personnel in this field if you decide to use the services provided by Amvoc.

Not only do you need good clean data, a pitch and the ability to close a sale, you also need to be able to identify whether or not a prospect really does have a requirement for your products or services. Thousands of man hours are wasted by unskilled telemarketers that have not received training and cannot identify sales opportunities.

Just one example of Amvoc’s success in this field relates to one of our clients that is based in Canary Wharf, London. This multi-million pound company needed Amvoc’s assistance with their telemarketing as they were looking for multilingual telemarketers and it was actually much more cost-effective to employ the services of Amvoc than it was to look for telemarketers in central London. Amvoc is living proof that telemarketing really does work.

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