Congratulations to Jordan Hollis – Voted Amvoc telesales agent of the month for January!

We had a chat about life at Amvoc with Jordan, and to congratulate her on her prestigious award.

I have never worked in sales before joining Amvoc, prior to this I worked as a hotel manager running the entire operation of the hotel, so I was extremely excited by the opportunity of been able to earn more money with my hardworking mentality.

So far, I have worked only on one account since joining Amvoc, Yourlottoservice UK, and it’s more than fair to say that I have loved every minute of it!

Your Lotto Service or YLS for short is an amazing proposition, allowing people to play with more than 1,000 lottery lines every month for only £54.00 per month.

I myself signed up immediately and have personally witnessed loads of weekly winners from 2, 3 and 4 figure winners, and I have even experienced a nice win myself!

The amazing thing is the odds of winning are excellent in comparison to normal lottery playing, and although the rewards are shared – I view the higher chances of really experiencing continuous smaller wins, much better than hoping to win the jackpot.

I believe I make a good sales agent because I’m chatty, it’s simply just part of my personality!

My key attributes are my empathy, confidence and professionalism no matter the circumstance.

I love helping people and there is no better feeling than hearing first hand all the wins that our customers have experienced!

What goes hand In hand with my attributes is my persistence and drive - I will always look to better my best and show that I can exceed my previous days results!

I am understandably very money motivated - My biggest bonus in the 5 months since joining has been over £1500!

I’d say my dad inspired me and he’s who I will always look up to - he doesn’t spoil me, but will help me no matter the situation.

The biggest thing I’ve learned at Amvoc is how to sell consistently, mainly down to my team manager, Jake Sullivan. I have never worked in telesales before, so I’ve been shown all the many aspects of selling in a professional manner.

The culture within Amvoc is what keeps me here, along with the money side of it of course!! Everyone within Amvoc is so welcoming and I could not thank them enough. It’s like one big family - lots of people laughing and selling all day isn’t bad at all!

Why I am happy at Amvoc? To be 100% honest it’s the combination of money, role and company culture - as I mentioned, I’m very money motivated and driven. Both the job and the atmosphere is great – earning essentially 2 wages each month is fantastic!

From the whole team at Amvoc, really well done and keep up the fantastic work!

Congratulations to Andrew Jackson tele sales agent of December well done!

We had a sit down and a talk with Andrew about his time at Amvoc.

Well I came from a sales background, I used to sell double glazed windows and moved to Amvoc in October 2018 after a lengthy chat to Damian Brockway (CEO).

Since I have been at Amvoc I have worked on Yourlottoservice inbound and outbound, Make Smile Lottery, Your Hospice Lotto, solar panels, lead generation for One Family, Home security, and I’m currently working on make a smile lottery, fundraising for numerous charities.

What makes me a success personally, I think positivity is a massive one, empathy I understand customer concerns and questions and can relate to them, determination but that isn’t really specific to Amvoc that’s across the board whatever environment you’re in and most importantly an office where I have a laugh as the famous sale quote goes, where there’s no laughter there’s no sales.

A good salesman in general, just being driven – there are agents that aren’t natural salespeople within Amvoc that constantly hit targets and make bonus after a few weeks of training and practice all comes with drive.

Robots cannot sell - be yourself embrace the fact your different.

Where I want to end up in Amvoc is to train and help people see their potential or as a manager of my own team or run the place at one point - that’s the best bit about Amvoc is there’s no limits in what you can achieve no matter your background.

My highest bonus ever is £1300 basically had two wages in December great for Christmas!!!

Amvoc culture is very Rock and roll.

My favourite part is, coming in in the morning.

My best strengths are the same as my weaknesses - my mind - I sometimes get in my own head and lose sales because of it but when I’m on a roll I cannot be stopped.

To summarize: the culture makes the job obviously the money side is a massive part of it but feeling welcomed every day is an amazing feeling.

Congratulations from everyone at Amvoc to Andrew Jackson on his accolade.

Amvoc Arms Goes Live

After many sober requests from various departments within our business we decided to take the plunge. Music, light refreshments, beer, wine and cider on draught!!

What could be more appealing?

Amvoc use the new bar for a variety of things.

  • Social meetings
  • Evening department meetings
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Incentives
  • By far its greatest use is for incentives.
  • Special achievements
  • From short power hour target bonuses, to “win an afternoon in the bar courtesy of senior management for incredible performance.”
  • The bar was aptly named after we polled all Leeds staff for their favourite suggestions.
Fundraising target
Wednesday 9th January 2019

Janet Moore has been unanimously voted as Fundraising Manager for Amvoc with our chosen charity being St Michaels Hospice. Our fundraising target for the year is £5,000

Janet has been very busy working with other key Amvoc employees devising a series of fundraising events throughout the year.

So far this list includes:

  • B2B Telemarketing Football 11 V B2C Telemarketing Football 11
  • Inbound Telemarketing Tandem Skydive
  • Amvoc Karaoke Night
  • Monthly Dress Down Days (Sponsored)
  • Telesales Bingo Night
  • Leeds Telesales Boxing 11 V Harrogate Telesales Boxing 11
  • Manchester Telemarketing Go Kart 7 V Leeds Telemarketing Go Kart 7
  • We believe we will smash this £5,000 target!
Amvoc Dry January Team
Wednesday January 2nd 2019

Amvoc Dry January Team

Senior B2B account manager Guy Andrews leads the Amvoc dry January team. With more than 20 staff actively fighting the excesses of Xmas and the new year – most of our staff are sponsoring them to try and reach their end of January milestone and raise more than £600 for our selected charity partner this year.

Guy was very serious when we quizzed him over their objectives “It is not going to be easy as there are a few youngsters amongst us, and temptation is everywhere. But I am very strong willed and we have set some great and useful tasks during the period like regular gym sessions and badminton nights. We will do it!”

There was one sceptical voice, however.

Damian Brockway, Managing Director, commented “Their pledge is impressive. But action always speaks louder than words. If they succeed our business will match whatever they raise to demonstrate our commitment to such a good cause.”

New commercial records set.
December 2018

Officially the busiest December we have seen.

With less than a week to go before Xmas we were delighted to see more than 150 staff still generating leads, booking appointments and still selling both business to business and business to consumer.

Just a few of the impressive statistics are below

  • Our advertising telesales team produced a record £1.2 million for one of our existing partners.
  • Our legal telemarketing division produced more than 200 business to business appointments.
  • The training services team booked 170 qualified business to business appointments.
  • Our conference telesales team sold more than $180,000 delegate spaces.
  • The fork lift truck telemarketing team smashed all prior records with 150 business to business meetings set.
New Leeds office goes live in Horsforth
October 2018

Initially opening with 15 new recruits, General Manager and inspirational leader Wendy Reynolds, heralds the new office as “A wonderful step into new Amvoc telemarketing territory”

“I still get excited about arriving every morning. The team just love the pool and table tennis tables, plus dartboard, dining room and relaxation area.

It makes their working day such a good combination of work and play.”

The new offices allow us to house another 65 personnel alongside the existing 45 staff members already enjoying life in Leeds.

We now house the following telemarketing teams in Leeds:

  • Education Telesales
  • Restaurant Telemarketing
  • Electrical Testing Telesales
  • Packaging Telesales
  • Software telemarketing
  • Waste Management Telesales
  • Later life Planning Telemarketing (Wills, Probate, Power of Attorney, Asset Protection & Funeral Plans)
  • Solar Panel & Solar Battery Telesales
  • Outbound Lottery Telemarketing
  • Hospitality Telesales
  • Advertising Telesales
Employee of the month is won by Lucinda Dyke
October 2018

Fantastic new 60 inch plasma TV.

Lucinda has worked for Amvoc for nearly 3 years.

Initially working in our inbound business to consumer telemarketing division she quickly won many plaudits and started rising the ranks within the company.

Within 12 months she had begun training as a junior team leader running several new projects including solar energy, battery storage, gas and electricity.

The results were so impressive we immediately appointed her as an outbound business to consumer telemarketing team leader.

Lucinda commented “It has been one hell of an exciting journey. I have met some wonderful new people, earned superb money and genuinely love going in every day.”

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