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  • How will you define their success?
  • Number of delegates, guests or people attending?
  • Or the conference/event/seminar profit & loss figures?
  • Amvoc believe that the planning that needs to go into any event prior to set up is critical
  • How large should the venue be?
  • Who should we invite?
  • How should we invite them?
  • What languages do they speak?
  • Who should speak at the event?
  • What should be the content or messages delivered?
  • How will this benefit your business in both the short and long term?
  • In theory you can never have too many interested parties attending but how do you find the right people to attend?
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Successful telemarketing!

Whilst email and direct mail invitations can be effective, they can easily be ignored or sent to the incorrect party. Telemarketing has to be the most powerful way to boost delegate attendance for a conference or guests at an event or seminar.

Contacting the relevant parties directly is a proven method of ensuring high quality events attendance. Amvoc has extensive experience of conference, exhibition and events telemarketing with an impressive track record of successful events under our belt.

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We have sourced and booked delegates for a range of events including management training seminars at £225.00 per attendee to oil & gas conferences at $1999.00 per delegate.

Amvoc has generated millions of dollars in revenue for one of our oldest clients thanks to a well-structured and bespoke campaign that has been designed specifically for this organisation.

Choosing the right telemarketing team leader, telesales people working on the account, the right opening scripts and employing multilingual telemarketing specialists is something Amvoc has huge experience with.

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Outsource your event telemarketing to Amvoc.

If you want a high turnout of the right contacts, you will need to call every day in the lead up to the event in order to build a successful pipeline and identify contacts that are likely to benefit from the content of your conference, workshop or exhibition.

The conference and exhibition telemarketing experts at Amvoc can adapt their approach to your campaign whether you want to contact SME’s or directors at board level.

Our professional and sales orientated approach will ensure your objectives are executed to perfection.

With our experience and understanding of a diverse range of industry sectors you are guaranteed to achieve the best turnout your event has ever seen.

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