Appointment Setting Services

It is common to discover that field sales people dislike generating their own Outbound Appointment Setting services from scratch.

Prospecting is generally seen by them as a distasteful chore.

Worse still, some see Outbound B2b Appointment Setting services it as beneath them.

Our view is that providing we are able to keep them busy enough, then why worry, providing they can close?

Ultimately it is down to your ROI (return on investment) - the cost of generating qualified leads and attending the appointments, added to the expense of running the field sales person deducted from the profits generated from their visits?

There is a very good argument to say that brilliant salespeople should be in front of clients at least three times per day?

Can they achieve this if they are trying to call cold or warm data?

Amvoc has significant experience in planning, organising and delivering campaigns throughout the world both within agreed timescales and inside budget.

We will allow you to focus on your core activities whilst we do the same.

b2b appointment setting companies and organisations that specialise in high quality lead generation and B2B telemarketing services are much more successful when it comes to interacting with prospective customers and capturing their interest.

Given the fact that a considerable proportion of field sales people feel uncomfortable making cold or warm calls, outsourcing to Amvoc has a number of benefits including increased sales, turnover, profitability and sales force morale.

b2b appointment setting services

B2B appointment setting services

Effective and professional company is becoming an increasingly popular tool in every marketing department.

Building strong and solid relationships with clients from the outset is a vital part of customer retention and expansion generation appointment.

You don't just need to find new business; you need to keep your existing client base happy too.

It is a time consuming and laborious task that requires patience, organization and diligence.

If you would like to concentrate on keeping your existing customers satisfied, leave the proactive side of your marketing in the capable hands of our team at Amvoc.

Planning and consistency is key

We as a telemarketing Companies will investigate the market area in which you want to expand, qualify relevant target data, build up a strong pipeline of prospective clients and, most importantly, maintain that pipeline to ensure a steady flow of new business heads your way.

We do not operate like a standard call centre – we run unique and bespoke campaigns that are tailored to our clients face to face’ needs and verticals.

Throw away the script

Say goodbye to stilted or pre-planned conversations and increase your chance of developing new opportunities within your target market/s.

With our expert knowledge we can generate meetings for your sales team with key decision makers that have shown a qualified interest in your great products

Amvoc employ a diverse range of telemarketing team leaders and telesales people who have worked in so many business environments that we will quickly demonstrate our empathy and skill sets within most existing industry areas – and we like nothing more than trying to tackle new product or service areas in b2b lead generation.

Use Amvoc as a natural extension to your business.

Amvoc outsource appointment setting Company uk seamlessly.

For a confidential chat or quote please give our data team a call on 03333 444807
Appointment Setting UK

What is a qualified Appointment Setting in UK?

1) Are you meeting a decision maker?

Need to check that the appointment has been made with the appropriate person.

A meeting with a secretary or similar equivalent is a waste of everyone’s time.

2) Confirmation of date, time and venue.

Send an email after the initial phone call with the details of the process as discussed on the phone

3) Pre-meeting confirmation 24 hours to 72 hours prior to appointment.

This is to double check that the set appointment is still to go ahead and that both parties have the correct info about where and when meeting is to take place.
It is an assumptive call usually asking about parking outside meeting place.

b2b appointment setting

4) Meeting organiser’s title.

Make sure you have the details of the rank of the person you are going to meet.

This will help establish whether or not you are meeting a decision maker or whether you are in a chain of DM’

5) Contact details of client you are going to meet.

This needs to include as many contact details as possible.

Ideally an office number, mobile number, email address and full website details.

6) Which firm are they currently using?

This should give an idea of costs and standard of existing b2b services, plus any potential areas of weakness

7) How do they rate the service they are currently using?

This is added value information that can improve conversion

8) Check budget if needed?

9) Make clear and confirm the objective of the meeting.

When making an Sales appointment setting make sure the person you are talking with knows that it is an official meeting and not a loose arrangement.

Appointment Setting Services
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