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What is telemarketing?

Telemarketing is a process of selling or promoting a service over the phone. It is usually done to generate sales or gather important information from prospective customers. It is a widespread tool for businesses as it not only saves time but also money. Telemarketing toll-free services proves to be very useful when the customers are located in hard-to-reach places.

Amvoc is one of the renowned telemarketing companies that provides a full range of inbound and outbound and telesales services.

Amongst the many, telemarketing telesales services in UK, we have dedicated sales team handling both B2B sales and B2C products and services.

We have specialist teams that concentrate on different verticals i.e. IT Telemarketing, Conference Telemarketing and Green Energy Products/Services.

The list of industries we currently understand and operate within is impressive.

In addition we have people within these teams that focus on different geographic regions:

  • UK Telemarketing
  • European Telemarketing
  • North American Telemarketing
  • Latin American Telemarketing
  • Far East Telesales

All of our international telemarketing teams have language skills enabling us to operate seamlessly throughout the world.

A careful selection process can always save you a lot of time and money. Get a UK telemarketing partner who fully understands the products and services we offer and the sales objectives you want to achieve. Amvoc has all the skills and knowledge needed to provide a high quality telesales cold call service to every business or private individual in the UK, overseas and other parts of Europe.

Our team of experienced telesales services call center executives can use their expertise to help customers acquire new customers and increase revenue. We can also help our customers build a strong relationship with their local and international customers and we have a large network of cold calling experts in the UK and abroad who can easily meet all your needs.

Create and follow a strategic sales script that allows you to introduce your product or service to your potential customers, ask them questions, get feedback and build new contacts. Run telemarketing campaigns to grow your brand and improve product sales, call your contact list and contact people you know who you will call. Be the decision maker for brand image development.

A proven telesales calling strategy ensures that you promote the products and services that your cold leads are likely to buy, not just your product or service. We offer a comprehensive telemarketing calls service to help our customers find potential buyers for their products and services. Using our telemarketing phone skills services can benefit your business and increase your company's productivity. We offer our services to companies that want to attract more customers for their product or service and then increase their turnover.

Many companies use a particular business model, in which lead generation is determined by a particular product, service or service such as marketing, sales and marketing management or marketing services.

Our outbound lead generation, on the other hand, involves reaching the audience directly via e-mail, direct mail or telemarketing using researched telemarketing data. When generating telemarketing leads in the inbound area, it may take longer for the company to achieve actual results, but it can be cost effective for a company.

A good telesales techniques is also a reliable way to reach customers you would not otherwise contact, and it is one of the traditional methods of marketing that should be considered.

We are also proud to provide the following specific telemarketing/telesales services in UK:

Appointment Setting

It is not unusual to discover that field sales people dislike generating their own...

Business to Business (B2B)

Is telemarketing still an effective lead generation tool in the current world of digital and social...

Business to Consumer (B2C)

Business to Consumer telemarketing is the sale of products or services...

Call Handling Services

Wouldn’t we all love a steady stream of enquiries?
Wouldn’t it be nice to...


Conferences, events and seminars How will you define their success? Number of delegates...

Customer Surveys

What methods do you have in place to ensure that your customers are satisfied...

Data Cleansing

Are you aware that data can decay up to 30% in just one year?
This means that in just...

Data Services

Amvoc provide a range of data services including:
Data Cleansing...

Event Marketing

Special Events, Concerts and Sporting Events
How will you define their...


Amvoc offer the following inbound call handling services
• Outsource Customer Services...

Lead Generation

Identifying and understanding when potential clients are ready to make buying decisions...

List Building

Amvoc provide a range of list building services including
B2B List building...

Market Research

Are you launching a new product based upon educated guesswork?
Maybe you need more...

Multilingual Services

As world technology rapidly evolves and communication and transport become ever...

Telemarketing can make it easy to communicate with customers and also to reach out to them for a more personalized service with right telesales skills. Customers will feel more comfortable with a skilled telemarketer who knows exactly what their customer's reservations are and they will know exactly how to address their concerns.

When you choose a telemarketing agency for lead generation, you want to find the best price that suits your best strategy for your business needs. If you would like to contact one of the leading telemarketers in the UK directly, please fill out this form

You need to choose the right type of Telemarketing Service to positively impact your lead generation efforts and increase your sales revenue. Before you choose a campaign structure, you should consider the needs and goals of your company. Once you have set an expected number of leads to generate, you can decide which structure suits you best once you have set a specific time and an expected number (e.g. a few days) for generating certain leads.

There are several telesales services in London, but you need to make sure you get the one that can meet the goals of your organization. A partnership with us would mean that we can rely on the professional representation of our company.

There are two types of marketing telesales channels that can be used to generate effective leads, especially if you are the first point of contact their. Lead Generation companies help you to attract the attention of your customers and to arouse their interest in your services, products and companies. You can talk directly to potential customers of your company via email, social media, phone calls and other forms of communication.

This is typically done through online channels and can include social media, email, phone calls and other forms of communication. They can also be held in person at your company's headquarters, office or local business centre.

Depending on whether you need telesales or B2C telemarketing, you have many options to choose from. There are a number of telemarketing agencies in the UK that specialise in producing lead, such as B2B and B2C. Telemarketing basics, whether customized or not, is a very beneficial approach as it is able to achieve real-time results.

Telemarketing and Telesales Specialists

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