Telemarketing And Telesales Services

Telemarketing is a process of selling or promoting a service over the phone. It is usually done to generate sales or gather important information. It is a widespread tool for businesses as it not only saves time but also money. Telemarketing proves to be very useful when the customers are located in hard-to-reach places.

Amvoc is a renowned telemarketing company in UK that provides a full range of inbound and outbound telemarketing and telesales services.

Amongst the many, telemarketing companies in UK, we have dedicated teams handling both B2B sales and B2C products and services.

We have specialist teams that concentrate on different verticals i.e. IT Telemarketing, Conference Telemarketing and Green Energy Products/Services.

The list of industries we currently understand and operate within is impressive.

In addition we have people within these teams that focus on different geographic regions:

  • UK Telemarketing
  • European Telemarketing
  • North American Telemarketing
  • Latin American Telemarketing
  • Far East Telesales

All of our international telemarketing teams have language skills enabling us to operate seamlessly throughout the world.

We are also proud to provide the following specific telemarketing/telesales services in UK:

Appointment Setting

It is not unusual to discover that field sales people dislike generating their own...

Business to Business (B2B)

Is telemarketing still an effective lead generation tool in the current world of digital and social...

Business to Consumer (B2C)

Business to Consumer telemarketing is the sale of products or services...

Call Handling Services

Wouldn’t we all love a steady stream of enquiries?
Wouldn’t it be nice to...


Conferences, events and seminars How will you define their success? Number of delegates...

Customer Surveys

What methods do you have in place to ensure that your customers are satisfied...

Data Cleansing

Are you aware that data can decay up to 30% in just one year?
This means that in just...

Data Services

Amvoc provide a range of data services including:
Data Cleansing...

Event Marketing

Special Events, Concerts and Sporting Events
How will you define their...


Amvoc offer the following inbound call handling services
• Outsource Customer Services...

Lead Generation

Identifying and understanding when potential clients are ready to make buying decisions...

List Building

Amvoc provide a range of list building services including
B2B List building...

Market Research

Are you launching a new product based upon educated guesswork?
Maybe you need more...

Multilingual Services

As world technology rapidly evolves and communication and transport become ever...

Telemarketing and Telesales Specialists

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