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Amvoc provide a range of data services including:

  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Enrichment
  • Email Cleansing
data services

Data Cleansing

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The foundations of all marketing strategy are found in the initial data profiling used to perform any lead generation, appointment setting, market research or selling function.

In summary, you can only ever be as good as the data you have, and the accuracy and quality of such data profiling services – the better the data integration, the better the ROI (return on investment).

  • We start by carefully analysing your objectives.
  • What are you looking to achieve?
  • What are the expected timeframes?
  • What is your expected ROI?
  • How should we communicate with this target database?
  • Email marketing?
  • Telemarketing?
  • Social Media?
  • Printed Mailing?
  • Once we understand your goals, we can start examining your data.
  • What have you already got?
  • How old is this data?
  • What opt ins do we currently have?
  • Are we G.D.P.R. compliant?
  • Once we have answered the basics then we begin.
  • What is your full name? (Minute spelling errors can result in major conversion variations.)
  • What is your sex?
  • Your date of birth?
  • Who is the decision maker within your business or household?
  • What is your full postal address?
  • What is your email address?
  • Your direct line telephone number?
  • Your home phone number?
  • Your mobile?
  • Verify all numbers and obtain explicit consent to use.
  • Amvoc use special de-duplication tools to remove and replace older records and prevent repeat emails, calls or postal campaign wastage.
  • What are your interests or hobbies?
  • Who do you currently use to provide such products or services?
  • How do you find these services?
  • How often would you be happy being contacted and by what means?
  • Reconfirm consent.

Within reason, Amvoc may ask or obtain as much information as you wish for enrichment is the process.

The more customer data we start with, the quicker and greater your return on marketing investment.

The risks and costs associated with not making investment in party data are considerable.

Major fines and imprisonment for any serious breach of new G.D.P.R rules – nobody can hide behind any organisation – any director can be personally held responsible.

But think of the damage you may do if you start harassing someone you are already supplying or you leave a message for someone who passed away several years ago?

How much money do you waste chasing people who don’t exist or companies who have disappeared long ago?

We are experts in helping you through this real time data maze – call our experienced team on 03333444807

We are experts in helping you through this data maze call our experienced team on 03333444807

Data Enrichment

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There is an abundant supply of household information in the public domain and most businesses advertise their products or services online – so getting basic information on most prospects is not hard.

However, even in defined postcode areas there can be huge variations in household income or lifestyle choices.

What if our B2C data enrichment or B2B list was totally up to date and accurate?

What if this B2C or B2B data enrichment had far more detailed information about our target prospect than our competitors?

In simple terms we should have a huge advantage with data enrichment services.

Even knowing the decision makers favourite football team can be huge in terms of leverage.

Amvoc have years of experience with devising, implementing or showcasing exactly what enriched data can do for most businesses.
For a confidential chat or quote please give our data team a call on 03333444807
Call Amvoc now on 03333444807

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