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Telemarketing Expertise

Sell Products Or Services

We have vast experience direct selling (telesales) both products and services in a wide variety of sectors.

From initial "cold" or "warm" call through to order, despatch and credit control.

Fast Moving Consumable Goods (FMCG) to extremely high value complex solutions we will show case our talent.

Finding New Customers - Lead Generation

Most businesses understand what they sell and the benefits of using their products and services.

It is not uncommon, however, for them to miss valuable sales opportunities into both existing and new markets.

We help evaluate exactly where and how each and every product or service could be sold and test market new business strategies.

Place your business face to face in front of new clients

It is very difficult to explain the benefits of using your company, products or services without meeting your clients.

Whether existing clients or new - we believe "people buy from people" and it is therefore essential that we put you in front of your target market audience.

We have very successfully generated appointments in most industry sectors.

For a full list of sectors please see "Our Experience" page at

Talk with existing customers

Are your existing customers loyal?

We believe that it is far easier to keep existing customers than finding new ones.

One thing is for sure - If you do not look after your existing clients whilst constantly looking for new - your business is unlikely to grow and more likely contract.

We have huge experience talking with existing clients examining every aspect of their "customer experience" with the firm objective of improving both customer retention and ease of new customer acquisition.

Market Intelligence

• What are your competitors currently doing?

• How are they doing it?

• Why are they doing this?

• How much do they charge?

• When do they charge?

• What do their customers think of their "Customer Experience?"

• There are so many things we can ascertain on your behalf.

Clean Existing Customer Records

The number of times we have heard business owners saying that they did not realise that they had a problem until their turnover and profits had dived is very high.

It often starts by not recognising that lots of existing client contacts does not necessarily mean a full order book moving forward.

It is rare for any business to retain 100% of its clients year on year in.

Over time customers retire, move on, change supplier or go out of business.

We like to think that we are very good with helping businesses to identify real business prospects moving forward by cleaning databases in many different business areas.

Sales Script

The nature of the script is always going to change based upon products or services, its unique selling points and any promotions that the company is engaged in.

However something’s are always going to be true about calling and the supporting script.

Telemarketing/ telesales has a very simple purpose; to drive appointments and drive sales.

It is however not an easy thing to do, as there has to be a great deal of clarity as to what a company is selling, and what the benefit is to that person and/or company (see above).

The call has to be relevant and compulsive enough for someone to take a leap of faith with their precious time and see if you can really improve their profit, processes etc.

Relevance is the real key, nothing works without it, and so therefore it is imperative that we not only have an understanding of key USP’s but that we can apply these to specific vertical markets and show our value right from the off.

Having the relevant examples to hand whilst persuading someone that it really is in their benefit to see you, what can you do for them?

Our Telemarketing Services

Business Objectives

We are experts in the telesales and telemarketing business.

We are delighted to get involved with so many diverse and interesting projects.

We take great delight in proving that what looks so difficult to some, can in fact, be relatively straight forward.

Telemarketing / Telesales is not rocket science.

If you take very simple steps with each part of the process from:

  • Introduction
  • To call script
  • Database sourcing
  • Data cleansing
  • Call volumes
  • Pitch
  • Tone
  • Timing
  • Delivery
  • Sales training
  • Promotion
  • Reporting structures
  • Quality controls

Most exercise become great fun not onerous!!

Most projects follow simple rules – what is often called the reverse sales pyramid – the more calls you do initially, the more first appointments, which in turn leads to more second appointments, which in turn, leads to more orders or business.

Please try us if you are unsure.

Swot Analysis

The next important aspect to providing an effective Telemarketing / Telesales service is a clear understanding of the marketplace, and your position in it, and your unique differences from the competition.

Our ability to be relevant to your prospects right from the beginning shows we will be far more effective in our calling results.

This takes the risk away for you, “they understand us, they know why we are different they know what is happening in the industry they will not bring our credibility into question they will enhance it”

By conducting this work you can also feel confident when beginning the project.

This is the difference between a company that can truly add value, not just do 150 calls a day.

Outsourcing Business Function

We can provide a complete and seamless new business function should you so wish.

We allow our clients to decide how far they wish to integrate their business with our operation.

Some companies will outsource the entire function, others will ask us just for small pieces of work.

Either way we can tailor make the campaign to meet you requirements.

For further information please call 0844 576 1050 or email

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