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Have you considered using an outsourced telemarketing consultancy in London to boost your client base or increase sales of your product on your behalf? Are you lacking the resources to carry out a successful telemarketing campaign in-house but are you missing out on countless opportunities because you are not making direct contact with existing or potential clients?

The power of a direct phone call from one business to another should not be underestimated – Amvoc will find data for businesses that have a genuine requirement for your products or services and we will contact them on your behalf to introduce your company and build a successful pipeline of prospects. By finding data that is relevant to the product or service you provide, Amvoc will eliminate the need for pointless phone calls to companies that do not have a genuine need for your services and will thus improve the efficiency of the telemarketing campaign on your behalf.

Case Study Details:

Rest Assured Childcare is a market leading course and training provider for childcare establishments throughout the UK. Rest Assured Childcare was looking to expand its client base throughout the UK by using direct telemarketing. During the meeting that Amvoc held with the Marketing Communications Manager from Rest Assured Childcare, we discussed a number of options that could help them to generate quality leads from a telemarketing campaign.

Would you like to find out just how effective a successful telemarketing strategy in London can be? Are you interested in a reduced cost trial so that you can calculate your potential return on investment?


Amvoc aims to help our clients achieve a measurable and significant return on their marketing investment through professional, focused, consistent and planned marketing. In order to help Rest Assured Childcare achieve their desired outcomes, Amvoc had to implement an efficient and effective strategy – to do this we started by selecting the data extremely carefully.

Amvoc decided to select data for childcare providers with a turnover of £1 million plus – our experienced team determined that businesses with this level of turnover were more likely to have the funds to pay for training and courses and were more likely to employ members of staff in need of qualifications.


Working completely transparently, and using our state of the art CRM system, Amvoc was able to provide in depth reporting and analysis at every stage of the campaign so Rest Assured Childcare could see that their investment was being used to its maximum potential.

“It is rare that you will find an organisation that is so easy to work with as Amvoc. During the time that Amvoc was handling this particular campaign, I experienced a team that was proactive, responsive and extremely fun to work with. The highly efficient manner in which this campaign was run by telemarketers who are totally committed to producing quality results every time impressed me no end.” Marketing Communications Manager, Rest Assured Childcare.

If you would like to start a telemarketing campaigns that is guaranteed to achieve results and boost the client base of your business in London, contact Amvoc today on 0333 005 1403.

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