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Would you like to test the skills of the telemarketing experts at Amvoc to find out if a campaign would benefit your business in Staffordshire?

If you decide to embark upon a campaign using the specialist sales skills of the telemarketing executives at Amvoc you will be in total control of your dedicated campaign. We can call regularly on your behalf or call for a set number of days per month depending on the needs of your business. One company we work for on a regular basis, Sunlight Studios, uses our services for a set number of days per month in order for Amvoc to continuously build a strong pipeline.

Company Background:

Sunlight Studios is a photography studio in Staffordshire that offers makeovers and photo shoots to a wide variety of target audiences. Spending a day with Sunlight Studios is definitely a fantastic experience as the telemarketing team working on this account found out! The day started with a glass of champagne and an amazing makeover before having a photo shoot done amongst a variety of different backdrops and in various settings. We loved the experience we had with Sunlight Studios and Amvoc was extremely enthusiastic about starting a project on their behalf

Are you interested in finding out more about how Amvoc could help you utilise a highly trained team of telemarketing specialists to carry out a successful campaign on behalf of your business in Staffordshire?

Proposed Strategy:

Amvoc had to get to know more about Sunlight Studios prior to developing a strategy that would use the best methods to get the best results on their behalf. Once Amvoc was fully familiar with Sunlight Studios (after a makeover and photo-shoot) the team that had been allocated to manage this account was able to identify the correct data and put together a script that offered the maximum chances of success.

We selected data that was targeted at a specific audience – Amvoc contacted our specialist data supplier in order to access warm and hot leads. Amvoc was able to download data compiled from lifestyle surveys whereby the contact in question had clicked “yes” when asked if they would be interested in attending a makeover and photo shoot.


Amvoc will work tirelessly and enthusiastically on every account in order to optimise our client’s chances of getting the best possible return on investment. With this particular account, the team was able to make a high volume of calls and achieved a number of successful outcomes.

Thanks to the high quality data we procured on behalf of Sunlight Studios and the fact we had experienced a day being treated like a client of Sunlight Studios, we generated fantastic results on behalf of this client. Our telemarketers were booking up to 24 appointments per day, each of which was qualified prior to attendance.

If you would like to discuss your telemarketing needs with a company that takes a refreshingly different approach to business to business sales, contact Amvoc today on 0333 005 1403.

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