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Lead generation will bring new business to your door. But where do you start?

You have to plan and properly structure the lead generation campaign in order to make the most productive use of your time and keep costs to a minimum.

Have you examine to your target market? Can you identify any areas that you can branch into? You really need to think about your target market in order to determine where you will have the most success.

If you have the time or the funds to set up a telemarketing team within your organisation to carry out your lead generation activities, Amvoc can offer you the best possible solution.

You can outsource your entire lead generation complement to the team at Amvoc knowing we have already helped a number of companies in Staffordshire, Lanarkshire, Yorkshire, Beds and every other county in the UK.

We have a number of valuable clients that are more than willing to provide us with a glowing reference thanks to the work we have provided them with using our skills in the telemarketing field.

One such client, a conference company based in central London, has been using our services for the last three years. Our client organises conferences all over the world and Amvoc is required to book delegates onto these conferences.

In order to fulfil our client’s requirements, Amvoc uses the date they provide from past conferences. Due to the fact that the majority of conferences are held outside of the UK, our telemarketers must have the ability to speak a minimum of one foreign language.

Regardless of your needs, Amvoc can accommodate your requirements in order to help you reach your goals in terms of bringing new business to your organisation. Talk to us today to hear more about the plans we can put in place to help you.

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