Telemarketing companies in Staffordshire

Telemarketing companies in Staffordshire

Are you looking for new business? Be careful what you wish for! The telemarketing teams at Amvoc have already built an impressive reputation for generating prosperous new business opportunities on behalf of organisations in UK, Europe and the USA. If you are looking for new business opportunities, we can source and secure them on your behalf. If you are looking for potential leads, you can guarantee that our expert telemarketers will be able to find them for you

All of the telemarketing activities we carry out on your behalf are designed to give you the best possible return on your investment so we use a number of methods to give you the best head start on your campaign. First and foremost, Amvoc will fully examine every area of your business in order to ensure that we are fishing in the right pond. No point looking for sharks in a rock pool.

Once we have got no know your organisation thoroughly, we will be able to plan and implement a lead generation campaign that will target the right companies by sourcing the best data from one of our trusted suppliers; whether you are targeting businesses in Staffordshire, London, Leeds or Yorkshire, Amvoc will obtain data that falls within your parameters.

With the right data, Amvoc will be able to make the best use of our time by only contacting relevant prospects.

Amvoc designed and implemented a campaign on behalf of one of our clients in Staffordshire that was looking for business property insurance renewal leads.

Our insurance telemarketing experts sourced data relating to existing policy holders that would have a genuine requirement for our client’s services.

This campaign is carried out for two weeks every month so our client has chance to catch up on the leads we send over before we source even more. All in all this is a very successful and mutually beneficial campaign!

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