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Have you considered taking a new approach to telemarketing in Sheffield? Would you like to use an outsourced telemarketing firm that can help you find you prospects that have a genuine interest in what you have to offer?

Farbrice Products Limited is a market leading manufacturer and supplier of specialist surface finishing products for the marine industrial sector. This well established and renowned business approached Amvoc for assistance with an urgent project that needed completing within a strict deadline.

Farbrice Products Limited held a database of over 2500 client contact details which required validating and contacting in order to ascertain certain mission-critical information so that future business development strategies could be planned with the needs of the target market in mind. Amvoc did not hesitate to arrange a meeting with the Head of Business Developemnt and Planning for the earliest possible time in order to discuss how we may be able to implement a successful telemarketing campaign on behalf of Farbrice Products Limited.

The Head of Business Development and Planning explained to Amvoc that they needed vital information that was important in understanding their market share and gathering the statistics they needed for a key management planning meeting. The project had to be finished prior to this meeting and within budget.

Would you like Amvoc to plan a similarly efficient yet cost-effective telemarketing campaign in order for you to meet new business prospects in Sheffield?

Campaign Execution and Results:

In order for Amvoc to complete this particular campaign on time and within budget we had to design and collaborate a questionnaire that delivered results and a campaign that met our client’s clear objectives. Amvoc worked closely with the Head of Business Development and Planning in order to ascertain their goals and understand the information they wanted to extract from their existing or past clients. The information provided by the key managers at Farbrice Products Limited combined with the extensive knowledge of the telemarketing executives at Amvoc meant that an efficient, effective and simple questionnaire was designed that would provide all of the necessary information.

Client Testimonial:

“To be honest I did not think that we would be able to get through over 2 ½ thousand client records in such a short space of time but, thanks to the exceptional level of service received from Amvoc, I was able to gather the statistics I needed to plan a successful business development strategy. I cannot thank Amvoc enough for the insight the team was able to give me and my colleagues at Farbrice Products Limited.” Head of Business Development and Planning, Farbrice Products Limited.

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