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Amvoc has already proved time and again that lead generation really does work for companies in Sheffield – and elsewhere in the UK for that matter.

There really is an art to identifying that a prospect is genuinely interested in your offering – especially when you are prospecting over the phone.

When engaging with a client face-to-face, an experienced salesman will be able to read their body language and interpret their buying signals (or lack thereof depending on the success of the meeting).

Interpreting buying signals and understanding a prospect’s thoughts over the phone is an entirely different kettle of fish. It takes years of experience in to truly tune in to a prospects true feelings over the phone.

Understanding smokescreen objections and overcoming objections are just two of the skills that are required for successful lead generation. Only experience of making hundreds of telephone calls in a day and thousands of rejections over time will give a telemarketer a true understanding of whether or not a prospect is genuinely interested in their products or services.

One of our clients, an accountancy practice based in Sheffield, approached Amvoc with a dilemma after a failed in-house telemarketing exercise. Our client had been told by their in-house telemarketing that they had lots of warm and potentially hot leads but, in fact, these leads never materialised into anything solid. The reason for this? The untrained and inexperienced telemarketer that our client had hired, prior to testing Amvoc’s services, could not tell the difference between a warm lead and a complete “fob off”. This meant that our client was being told on a daily basis that the telemarketer had leads but these, unfortunately, evaporated into thin air.

If Amvoc is responsible for your lead generation you can be extremely confident that you will only see results – solid results!

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