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Are you looking for ways to beat your competitor? Do you want to dominate your marketplace? If the answer is yes, telemarketing may be for you.

Amvoc regularly carries out a lead generation exercise on behalf of one of the largest first aid training companies in Sheffield.

Our client, Initial Response, is interested in leads for businesses that either do not have a qualified first aider or have a first aider with an out of date training certificate. So many people sustain much worse injuries, or even fatal injuries, because they do not receive the right treatment from the moment of the incident. What would you do if one of your employees started having a heart attack or collapsed in the office?

Amvoc stresses the importance of having a qualified first aider on site when approaching businesses in the Sheffield area. We do not use scare tactics, however, we merely provide the statistics needed to ensure decision makers realise the true importance of being able to save a life.

Our clients average order value equates to two leads per day in order to cover their costs – Amvoc determined that a minimum of 5 was definitely an achievable target.

Based on an average of 150 – 170 phone calls per day, with a decision maker hit rate of over 35%, Amvoc is easily able to provide our client with a consistent flow of valuable leads. We have to make sure that our client benefits from using our services as we do with every campaign. It is important to Amvoc that we become a valuable commodity to all of our clients.

With our existing experience in the field of matters relating to health and safety, this project has been a resounding success. We are now approaching other first aid training providers in different cities with similar needs confident in the knowledge that we can help.

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