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Are you looking for an innovative yet professional approach to telemarketing in Manchester?

Don’t you just hate cold calls from extremely bored sounding individuals calling from a noisy call centre? Would you like your business to be represented by an extremely professional yet dynamic team of expert telemarketers? Each of the highly trained telemarketers from Amvoc will add their own personality and experience to your campaign in order to maximise the chances of receiving a better response from every phone call they make.

The experienced telemarketers working at Amvoc will not make a phone call, ask a question, hang up and move on to the next contact in the database – far from it! Amvoc will get to know prospective clients in order to establish whether or not they have a genuine requirement for your service. We do not achieve this by asking a set list of questions; Amvoc will achieve results on your behalf by getting to know your business and becoming an extension of your company.

Case Study Details:

EPD Security is one of the UKs most popular and well-known providers of alarm and security systems. Generally considered to be a market leader in their industry, EPD Security places a high value on the customer care they provide to clients both before and after supply and installation of an alarm or security system. EPD Security had started an internal telemarketing campaign contacting their existing commercial and public sector clients but realised that the project was too large for their existing team to cope with. EPD Security decided to enlist the services supplied by Amvoc after an in-depth consultation during which we impressed the marketing director, Tim Holmes, with our in-depth knowledge of this industry.

Would you like a telemarketing company to work with you on behalf of your company in Manchester? Amvoc will work closely with you in order to develop and design a marketing strategy that will work best for your individual business.

Strategy for EPD Security:

The data required for the EPD Security campaign was supplied by our client so our role in selecting and managing the data was not necessary in this instance. The team responsible for providing an outsourced service to assist EPD Security in their customer satisfaction campaign spent a couple of days with the in-house telemarketing team at their headquarters in order to get a feel for the approach that our client wanted to take with the campaign. Once the team was thoroughly familiar with the service that EPD Security wanted us to provide we started working on their data.

Client Response:

“Not only did Amvoc prove to be a valuable asset to our company, the call rates of Natalie and her team were spectacular. In-house, our telemarketing team was making on average 100 calls per day with the data we provided, however the Amvoc team was doubling that without jeopardising the quality of the customer satisfaction survey we had in place. Next time we run a similar project we will definitely be enlisting the services of Amvoc again.” Tim Holmes, EPD Security.

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