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One area in which Amvoc is confident in our abilities is the field of telemarketing pharmaceutical equipment and pharmaceutical training. All of the personnel here at Amvoc are highly skilled and already have extensive experience in a variety of various industry sectors.

With such a vast range of diverse expertise in the company, Amvoc can provide an expertly designed and tailored marketing solution that will ensure our client sees a positive return.

Amvoc was contacted by a large pharmaceutical company that was interested in our team appointment setting on their behalf in all of the major cities in the UK from Manchester and Leeds to London and Essex.

Our primary objective in this campaign was to provide one fully qualified appointments per telemarketer per day – based on our clients average order value, this would ensure that the investment was definitely worth it.

Amvoc has extensive experience speaking to large blue-chip companies at director level so we had absolutely no problem communicating our intentions over the phone. Once Amvoc was fully confident that we had a qualified appointment with a decision maker that had a genuine requirement for our pharmaceutical clients services, we will pass this through as a booking.

Not only are we able to supply a steady stream of fully qualified appointments, we also exceed our clients expectations by identifying a decision makers current situation in terms of the arrangement they had for budgeting.

Amvoc now has an extremely impressive pipeline of prospects that do have a genuine interest in using the products and services supplied by our client and we are able to supply them with extremely accurate information about their prospects as well as meetings that are filled with potential.

Lead generation companies Manchester

Amvoc has successfully designed and implemented a number of lead generation campaigns on behalf of companies from every major city in the UK from Manchester and Birmingham to London and Luton.

One of the companies we currently work for, a national commercial security CCTV supplier based in Manchester, had been looking for the right telemarketing company to carry out their lead generation for quite some time before being contacted by Amvoc.

This client was extremely impressed with our proactive approach to looking for our own new business so they decided to speak to us more about using our services to help them generate new and prosperous business opportunities.

Amvoc was able to identify a number of extremely interesting and diverse selling points relating to our clients organisation so this really helped us to design a campaign that we were confident would result in a number of meaningful conversations over the phone.

Our finely trained ability to identify prospects that have a genuine interest in the service or product we are offering helped us significantly with this project and this has resulting in a long-lasting relationship with our client.

Not only was Amvoc able to generate a significant number of leads relating to companies that were extremely interested in the commercial security CCTV systems available, we soon became responsible for booking appointments and confirming meetings for our clients installations reps.

Although it is always possible to find leads from a third-party supplier, you can never be sure whether or not any of the prospects on that list will have the remotest interest in what you have to offer.

The most effective way of ensuring that the right leads are generated for your organisation is to use a professional telemarketing/lead generation company that is working solely on your behalf.

Telemarketing companies Manchester

Amvoc was approached by a national fire safety company that was looking for new and prestigious contracts with companies based in Manchester. The criterion that Amvoc had to work with was mainly based on finding contracts worth over £1000. In order for our client to see a significant return on their investment we aimed to make a minimum of one appointment per telesales advisor every day.

Different telemarketing companies will have different ideas about the number of calls that need to be made on a daily basis in order to achieve results that Amvoc decided, based on the individual requirements of this particular client in Manchester, that we would average around 150 phone calls per day. Aiming for a decision maker hit rate of at least 40%, Amvoc was confident that we would be able to reach our minimum target.

There are a number of people working here at Amvoc that take an interest in health and safety matters so this particular team was established in order to carry out a trial campaign and behalf of this client.

Our role in the sales cycle was to engineer appointments for one of our client’s fire safety officers to visit businesses in the Manchester area in order to ascertain whether or not they have the right fire safety measures in place.

It was not a simple case of making meetings with businesses in Manchester; the majority of businesses do take extreme precautions in terms of fire safety. Thanks to our skill in this field, however, Amvoc was able to produce significant results in this particular campaign.

Due to the fact that we impressed the branch in Manchester so much, further projects have been rolled out in other branches throughout the UK.

Telesales companies in Manchester

If you are looking for evidence that telesales really does help companies in Manchester to grow, you need to arrange for a pilot campaign to be carried out by the experienced sales executives here at Amvoc.

Good telephone skills are absolutely vital when carrying out any type of proactive calling campaign regardless of whether your target audience is involved in the construction industry or the manufacturing of high-grade chemicals.

Amvoc worked very closely with a large and independent family brewery from Greater Manchester after they decided to embark upon a data cleansing exercise. Our client’s intention was to use telemarketing to build client relationships and promote further sales.

With over 40,000 contacts in their existing database, many of which were for past clients, they could not be sure that they were getting the best from their marketing when contacting potentially decayed data.

As part of this project, Amvoc was required to cross sell and upsell a number of their products to existing companies.

If, for example, we came across a pub, bar or club that already stocked some of our client’s products, Amvoc was required to identify further areas of need in order to generate orders.

Thanks to the calibre of the telemarketers we employ and our ability to identify potential sales opportunities, this project was executed to perfection. Not only did our client receive an up-to-date and extremely accurate database from which to generate further business, the team responsible for this project was also able to generate a significant number of orders in addition.

If you want your database cleansing, if you need prospects sourcing or if you are looking to branch out into a new and exciting market, Amvoc can accommodate all of your needs. You are more than welcome to discuss your requirements with one of our directors today.

Telesales companies Manchester

If you are looking to make an investment in marketing, you should seriously consider using telesales.

With a professional, focused, well-designed and consistent telesales schedule you will see a significant return on the investment you make in this particular area of marketing.

Telesales is a direct method of staying completely in touch with your target market and is also a fantastic preventative method of ensuring that your customers stay with you.

A telemarketing and telesales project combined will produce measurable and significant result as you will be able to focus both on new client acquisition and on making sales to clients old and new.

A telesales project will definitely help you to optimise sales from your existing client base by keeping them informed of new products whilst generating new prosperous business opportunities for your company. Sometimes, just letting your clients know that you care is enough to stop them from running away with one of your competitors.

Amvoc has carried out numerous telesales project on behalf of companies based in the Manchester area already and we have an excellent reputation for the quality of service we provide.

One of our clients, a national office furniture supplier based in Manchester, decided to use the services of our professional telesales team as we were able to display, during a pilot campaign, that we had the required skills to identify and generate new business opportunities for their company. The result of the campaign that we carried out for our client initially is an incredibly close relationship between them and ourselves based on our exceptional performance in the market sector.

Amvoc’s talent for extracting the right information in just one phone call has helped our client to boost their sales significantly.

Telesales company Manchester

Regardless of your individual feelings about telesales or “cold calling” it is still one of the most efficient and effective ways to generate new business from leads and also to secure sales in person.

If you are looking for a powerful tool that will help your organisation to engage with your target audience and obtain access to extremely valuable information, you should seriously consider starting a telesales campaign.

Of course, it is not a simple as picking up the phone and making a few calls. In-house telesales may seem like an easy option but, as one of our clients, a company based in Manchester, quickly discovered, in-house telesales is not necessarily the way forward.

If you do not have good clean data there is absolutely no point whatsoever in making any calls – you will waste the majority of your organisation’s time and money on calling numbers that will not connect or on asking for the wrong DM because the data has decayed!

You also need to be extremely clear about what your goals are from the campaign. Are you looking for an increase in sales, an increase in enquiries or increase knowledge about your customer base? You have to take of unscripted approach towards reaching your goal so that you can be sure your targets are being reached. Our Manchester based client was not exactly sure what they were trying to achieve from their telesales project so they decided approach Amvoc for advice and also to determine whether or not outsourcing would be a better option for their company.

The results spoke for themselves - Amvoc was able to set clearly defined goals and take an unscripted approach to generating new business on behalf of our client. Because Amvoc is extremely diligent when rehearsing and learning scripts we were able to project an image of professionalism and we really sounded like we were calling from our clients business after learning the technical details of their offering.

Telesales company Manchester

It is important that a telemarketer has the ability to identify the difference between a prospect that is genuinely interested in what they have to sell and a prospect that really has no interest at all.

When you are targeted with the task of selling a product or service over the phone, it is vital that you make the best use of your time. Wasting time speaking to prospects that do not have an interest in your product or do not have the budget for your services is not productive.

If your in-house telesales team is always talking about the amazing pipeline they have, but no sales ever materialise, to could be that they are failing to identify a need. There are a number of buying signals that are extremely easy to pick up – if you have the right experience and understanding!

If you are currently using an in-house telesales team, or if you out source to a company in Manchester, Leeds or elsewhere in the UK, how do you know if you are getting the best results? Can you see a significant return?

Amvoc is more than happy to carry out a pilot campaign in order for you to determine if you are getting the best out of your telesales budget. Because we do not work from an office in a large city our overheads are much lower - this means we are able to provide the same standard of service at a much more competitive price. It really won’t cost you a fortune to invest in high quality telesales. Just one of our clients came to us after failing to get results in house. Greener Light UK has been with Amvoc since they discovered their existing outsource supplier was simply not producing results.

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