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Appointment setting can be easy – we can all arrange to pop in for cup of tea and a quick chat. We have even heard about some telemarketers setting appointments for their company by pretending to come and visit the prospect as a customer!

This type of approach may result in momentary glory in the office when an “appointment” is booked but the glory will definitely be short lived – in fact, it will most likely end when the offending telemarketer is booted out! Unless they manage to convince their boss that there was a misunderstanding about the purpose of the appointment – this may prolong their life with the company

Thankfully, Amvoc has a number of measures in place that will eliminate any acts such as those detailed above.

All of our calls are recorded and each appointment is vetted by a member of the management team before it is sent to the client – this includes the manager listening to every detail of the call.

Amvoc will only ever send over an appointment if we believe it fulfils all of our criteria thus making it a qualified appointment.

One of our clients felt extremely reassured by the processes that we have in place for every campaign. Our client, a plastics manufacturer, had previously used the appointment setting services of a company in Manchester but they had been experiencing similar problems to those detailed at the beginning of this article.

Amvoc was able to eliminate all of our client’s reservations about outsourcing by explaining the strict quality control procedure we have in place for every booking whether it is for an appointment or a telephone demonstration.

If you want leads that are proven to be high quality and qualified, contact Amvoc today.

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If your business is looking for new and prosperous leads you need to find a professional telemarketer to locate them for you. Amvoc would not recommend that you rely on purchasing “leads” from a supplier because chances are they have been sold 1000 times over already.

If you have a professional telemarketing calling solely on behalf of your company, they are finding leads just for your business. It takes a skilled and talented telemarketer to identify hot leads and new prospects – it is also important to establish that a prospect has a genuine requirement.

Why waste your time trying to sell snow to an Eskimo? If someone does not have a genuine need for your products or services, there is very little point in you wasting valuable time trying.

Plan, design and test a lead generation campaign with a professional outsource company so that you are aware of the potential for success. A reputable telemarketing/lead generation company will not provide you with poor quality leads – at the end of the day their success is their livelihood.

If you are unable to find lead generation companies in your local area, whether you are in Manchester, Edinburgh or Bognor Regis, you can use a company based anywhere in the UK. Lead generation can be carried out over the phone so if you find a telemarketing company you are comfortable with – you can rest assured that they can still do a fantastic job even if they are not in the same town. The results will speak for themselves.

One of our clients wanted to make the best use of their time by attending pre-qualified meetings with decision makers in the right industries. As an industrial packaging manufacturer, our client had quite specific target areas in mind. In just one year, Amvoc generated 187 appointments and 103 leads that were converted into £575,000.00 worth of new business.

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Generating qualified sales leads is an important part of identifying new business opportunities. It is important that a telemarketer has the ability to identify whether or not a prospect has a genuine need for the products or services of the client.

A qualified sales lead is one that will end up as a closed sale. If a company does not have the budget for the products or services that they are being offered, this would not be classed as a qualified sales lead.

One of our clients is a leading manufacturer of Industrial ceramics. Amvoc was approached by our clientswho were looking for qualified leads for their field sales team within the UK and French markets.

Already a well-known leader in the UK ceramics market, our client was extremely interested in finding new business opportunities in the French market. After contacting a number of telemarketing companies in Manchester, our client decided to call Amvoc to find out more about the linguistic skills of our telemarketers – they had not had much luck finding qualified telemarketers that spoke fluent French and business level.

After spending some time with our client, Amvoc was provided with a database of aerospace, medical, electrical and automotive product manufacturers.

Following a thorough briefing, Amvoc embarked upon a test campaign in order to determine how much of a success this project would be on behalf of our client. Over a six-month period, Amvoc was able to establish many new and exciting prospective customers for our client. With a well-planned and professionally conducted campaign, a 22% response rate was achieved on behalf of this client.

Whether you are involved in the industrial ceramics market or whether you are in the legal profession, the team at Amvoc is eager to test your campaign.

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If you speak to any professional poker player they will tell you about the importance of developing a sixth sense in regards to your opponent’s hand. Any successful poker player will be able to tell when he is beaten and needs to fold his hand.

A similar concept applies to telemarketing; you need to learn to develop instincts that will tell you which course of action you need to take. If you instinctively feel emotions akin to “sinking” you may be able to identify this as a warning sign. If, on the other hand, you get a warm feeling from the outset of call, this may suggest you have a positive expectation.

Those that have been telemarketing for a number of years may be able to analyse the differences in how they feel during a conversation and will be able to develop a degree of accuracy with their sales sixth sense. The longer you are actively involved in telesales, for your predictive ability will improve.

This is extremely important when identifying warm leads and hot leads; an experienced and inexperienced telemarketer can have the same conversation with the same prospect but gain different ideas about the predicted outcome of the call.

One of our clients had previously used outsource telesales companies in Manchester to perform their proactive activities but our client was sick of hearing about this amazing pipeline that never materialised into any solid and sales. The reason for this, we guess, is that they were using inexperienced telemarketers that could not tell the difference between a genuinely hot prospect and a potential warm lead.

Amvoc, however, has managed to turn things around for our client as we have the ability to identify prospects that have a genuine requirement for our client’s services.

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After researching a number of telesales companies around the Manchester area, one of our clients approached Amvoc after a recommendation from a business acquaintance.

With our expertise in the construction industry and our extensive knowledge of health and safety Amvoc was able to impress this client with our campaign design. After discussing the campaign with our client, Amvoc established that we were required to support direct sales nationwide after finding potential buyers for new types of health and safety equipment. Up until our client contacted us, they had only ever sold their products through distributors and did not have access to any end users.

The objective of this campaign was to get current and new customers to agree to a trial of new models of health and safety equipment.

Amvoc had to contact companies that employed over 150 members of staff; the most qualifying criteria was that number of people actually using hardhats and similar safety equipment within the company.

Initially, our client had always focused on the construction industry but Amvoc was able to make a number of suggestions that were met with enthusiasm. Those working in chemical plants, in the oil industry and in those working in shipbuilding are amongst just a small selection of sectors that have a requirement for hard hats and similar safety equipment.

Amvoc is incredibly proud of the achievement we have had with this particular project. Our innovative and new ideas have helped our clients to grow and expand significantly. Now, our client dominates the market in a number of different sectors and Amvoc is continuing to assist them with their growth. Regardless of the industry in which you work, it never hurts to have an outsider take a look at your options and help you to achieve your goals.

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