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Have you considered carrying out a market research project via telemarketing in greater Manchester? Do you realise just how beneficial a successful market research project could be for your business?

Good telephone skills when surveying is an essential tool if success is to be guaranteed – bad market research will not benefit a company in any way. Amvoc has years of experience in the field of carrying out successful market research projects on behalf of clients all over the UK. The specialist market research team at Amvoc can comprehensively construct a market research project on your behalf in order for you to achieve optimum results from your campaign.


J Leyes, an independent family brewery from Greater Manchester contacted Amvoc for expert advice about using telemarketing to cleanse their existing database with a view to building client relationships and promoting sales. Founded in 1987, J Leyes is a well-established business and had great prospects of benefiting from a telemarketing and market research campaign. Amvoc was more than happy to discuss the benefits of using telemarketing with the managers at J Leyes. Amvoc arranged a meeting with the directors of J Leyes so that we had the opportunity explain why our marketing consultancy beats the rest. The calibre of the telemarketers we employ combined with over 125 years’ experience in the marketing field are just two of the reasons that Amvoc should be your first choice.

Do you have similar telemarketing needs in Greater Manchester and would you like to meet the dynamic team at Amvoc to find out how we will provide you with the best possible service available?


As Amvoc had already been provided with a database by J Leyes it was a simple case of loading this information into our state-of-the-art customer relationship management system, CRM, and researching the history of the business prior to starting our calls.

The telemarketers responsible for cleansing the J Leyes database were targeted with 200 calls per day and at least 75 cleansed accounts - this included getting in the information necessary for market research purposes.

The Result:

After the first few days calling and behalf of J Leyes it became apparent that Amvoc was capable of achieving much higher figures than initially anticipated – most days the call rates hit 300 with a minimum of 100 surveys being completed. Once the database had been called completely, Amvoc was able to present J Leyes with the statistics they had requested at the beginning of the campaign. After further discussion, J Leyes started to use the services provided by Amvoc in order to supply to new businesses outside the greater Manchester area. Amvoc still works closely with J Leyes in order to provide quality data and appointments on their behalf.

If you would like to discuss your telemarketing needs in Greater Manchester with a consultancy that has over 125 years combined experience in this field, contact Amvoc today on 0333 005 1403.

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