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An exciting opportunity was sourced and converted by our new business manager so Amvoc has recently entered into a long term contract with one of the UKs leading accountancy software providers.

Our client works closely with over 10,000 accountants in the UK, either involved in practice or in a particular industry.

The software that Amvoc is required to market to accountants is the state of the art and allows businesses to track and manage every account held by customers. Our client was advertising for telemarketers for their company when Amvoc decided to approach them and explain the benefits of using an outsource consultancy for this role. The advert detailing the job role was looking for personnel that had excellent communication skills, were adaptable, determined and extremely driven to reach and exceed their targets.

Amvoc has extensive experience in outbound calling, receiving inbound calls and nurturing software prospect sand leads in order to convert these into sales. Our specialist IT and accountancy teams were able to put together a proposal for this client that was met with pleasing approval.

A pilot campaign was developed and implemented for this client before they were confident enough in our skills to use us as their outsource telemarketing department. Our expertise says it all. Not only was this client impressed that we approached them and offered exactly what they were looking for (if you cannot market your own business, you should not be responsible for marketing on behalf of others) they were also extremely impressed with the results we were able to generate on their behalf.

Everyone here at Amvoc is hungry for success. If you have considered using telemarketing companies in Greater Manchester or if you are looking for an outsource consultancy that will deliver results, contact the sales driven experts at Amvoc.

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