Market Research

Market Research Companies London, UK

Are you launching a new product on a wing and a prayer? Maybe you need more information about your intended market first!

Is your current strategy a bit stale and are you looking to test your long-term assumptions relating to your business and markets? You may require specialist skills and knowledge in order to gain an accurate insight in to your competitive market.

Amvoc can assist you with testing a specific idea or we can help you to confirm that your existing strategy is working.

Our experienced profilers will design a bespoke campaign for your business that can answer any outstanding questions you may have related to our market research services.

Amvoc’s B2B market research campaign will be designed exclusively for your business and aimed at the relevant industry sector.

We will be able to tell you:
• Whether there is a market for your products/services
• Who your competitors are
• If another potential market already exists
• What your competitors are doing and where
• If you are priced too high or low within your market
• Why your existing customers are no longer using your organisation
• Whether your customers are satisfied with your service/products
• Your customers opinions of your organisation

Market intelligence is vital to developing effective and cost efficient marketing strategies. No matter what information you are looking for, you can guarantee Amvoc as a leading market research agency will find it.

Brand perception will have a positive impact on your marketing budget – why spend more when you can spend less and increase your profit margins.

Contact Amvoc today on 0844 576 1050, to find out how we can use market research to drive down your costs.