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Overwhelming prospects with manipulative talk in order to turn over short-term results will not build a good reputation for your business.

There are a number of telesales companies in West Yorkshire that deploy underhanded tactics in order to meet the goal of making a quick sale.

Establishing a fake rapport, especially when it is not true, will not build a solid and stable relationship with a prospect. Similarly, cajoling a client into completing a sale will cause innumerable problems for your organisation.

One of the golden rules of telemarketing and telesales is not to embarrass clients. If you are speaking to a prospect on the phone and they tell you that they need to consult with their business partner first, responding with “so I take it you do not wear the trousers then?” is not the way to generate promising new opportunities and relationships.

Again, instilling fear into a client in order to make a sale will do nothing other than damage your reputation as a business. When you are choosing an outsource telesales agency, you do need to make very clear what you will and will not accept in terms of the way your campaign is handled.

Amvoc was contacted by an organisation in West Yorkshire that had been using an outsource telesales company to complete sales over the phone but our client had been burned badly by their first provider.

Unable to implement and manage an effective telesales team in-house, our client needed an outsource provider but was extremely wary about using a third party company after having to deal with complaints in relation to their first provider using the above tactics.

To combat our clients worries, Amvoc downloaded and sent all call recordings from their campaign every day so that they could see that Amvoc was doing everything possible to protect their reputation and build solid relationships on concrete not sand.

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