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Would you like to use a telemarketing consultancy that can provide you with a full service campaign in West Yorkshire in order to boost your sales opportunities or develop new business prospects? Have you considered using telemarketing but are you lacking the experienced to train potential employees and would you like to leave your campaign safe in the hands of the experts at Amvoc?

The most important part of designing a successful campaign is understanding exactly what our clients want to achieve by carrying out a telemarketing exercise. Amvoc will design a tailor-made campaign that will offer you the biggest return on your investment in our services. Each and every company is individual and Amvoc understands that your business is your baby – Amvoc will nurture your campaign in order to ensure that the best possible growth is achieved for your business.


The telemarketing team at Amvoc is experienced in engaging executives of large corporate organisation including those in the financial services industry. Amvoc has worked and continues to work for a number of leading financial services providers. The team at Amvoc has experience with all manner of financial services from wraps, platforms, pensions and asset management to employee benefits, hedge funds, risk, corporate finance, taxation, management and financial consultancy and outsourcing solutions. When Amvoc was approached by a large private international bank, our team was able to impress them with the extensive knowledge and understanding we had in this field.

Would you like the most successful telemarketing campaign to be carried out on behalf of your business in West Yorkshire? Do you need a bespoke and tailor-made service to be provided in order to maximise your return on investment?


After examining our clients goals and desired outcomes very carefully, Amvoc designed a campaign that would offer our clients the best possible chance of making a return on their investment. The bank in question had an existing client database that they wanted the telemarketing team at Amvoc to work on so it was a simple case of uploading their data safely into our customer relationship management system – there are multiple benefits to using a high-tech system like the one used by Amvoc the main one being the data analysis we can run on a daily basis. Once the telemarketing team responsible for the project on behalf of this bank had received extensive training and fully understood the task they were required to complete we commenced with the campaign on their behalf.


This highly confidential and important project was completed successfully by the team at Amvoc and we have been in discussions with the bank about establishing a long-term relationship. Amvoc is incredibly proud to have been chosen by such a reputable and large organisation to provide an outsource overflow telemarketing service and is testament to the fact that we have impressed them so much they are looking to use our services long-term.

If you would like to take advantage of the telemarketing expertise at Amvoc in order to boost your sales or develop new business opportunities in West Yorkshire contact us today on 0333 005 1403.

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