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There really is a lot to be said for using veteran telemarketers and telesales executives when planning and running a campaign.

Anyone that has been in telemarketing for a number of years and has already gained experience from making thousands of calls will tell you that experience should definitely be on your side.

Only by speaking to prospects, leads and customers, will a telemarketer or telesales executive develop their own unique style that they can adapt to fit perfectly into any campaign regardless of the industry sector in which they are working.

Even the most experienced telemarketers or telesales executives, however, will always have to learn something new with every campaign the start. Any telemarketing company that tells you they have experience in every different industry sector may be bending the truth slightly. Part of designing a successful campaign is getting to know the company you are working for and the products or services they sell.

One of the biggest assets of the telemarketing agents here at Amvoc is that they have the intelligence and capacity to absorb new information and also the desire to perform to exceptionally high standards. Although Amvoc has already worked in a variety of industry sectors, we do not claim to know everything there is to know about, for example, chemical manufacturing. This does not mean, however, that we are not willing to learn.

With our sales expertise and our desire to do the best we can on behalf of our clients, Amvoc is able to gain the edge over other telesales companies in Lancashire. One of our clients, a 3-D CAD software company in Lancashire, was so impressed by our desire to really integrate ourselves into their company from the outset of the campaign that they are now a valued and long-standing client of Amvoc.

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