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Are you looking for a large and reputable telemarketing consultancy in Lancashire to help you grow your business significantly? Has your business not achieved its true growth potential and would you like Amvoc to assist you in expanding your company successfully?

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Dental Basics approached Amvoc for professional assistance with the marketing side of their business. Dental Basics is a UK based importer of disposable dental products for use in professional practices. Dental Basics had previously used an in-house telesales team to handle incoming enquiries and proactive outbound sales but the business had not had much luck with employing and retaining successful and experienced telesales executives. Dental Basics realised, prior to contacting Amvoc, that they were throwing money away on unsuccessful in-house telemarketing and were interested in discussing the use of an outsource telesales service. Mohammed Jafar, managing director of Dental Basics, presented Amvoc with an opportunity to really use our knowledge in the sales field and provide a telemarketing campaign that would prove to be efficient and cost-effective for his company.

Have you been considering the use of a professional outsource telemarketing consultancy in Lancashire? Read below to discover just how beneficial a successfully managed telemarketing project can be.


Amvoc initially suggested cleansing the existing database held by Dental Basics by uploading this information into our state-of-the-art CRM, customer relationship management, system and contacting all of the past and present clients. The aim of contacting everyone on the database was to prompt existing companies into placing an order and gain back clients that had previously used Dental Basics. Amvoc visited Dental Basics premises on a number of occasions prior to undertaking the project so that the telesales executives responsible for this project could gain sufficient information about the industry in order to project a professional and knowledgeable image to the clients we were contacting on behalf of Mohammed.

Thanks to the success we had with the existing database held by Dental Basics, Amvoc was then able to start a new client acquisition project for this business in addition to keeping on top of the proactive sales using the existing clients. Amvoc successfully downloaded relevant data in order to target dentists that were not currently using the wholesale products sold by Dental Basics - thanks to the efficiency of the CRM system we use in-house there was no risk of us duplicating data when making calls on behalf of this business.

The Results:

Dental Basics does have a number of unique selling points – such as the fact that their products are directly imported from the manufacturers so they can be sold on at an extremely competitive price – which gave the professional sales and marketing executives at Amvoc a useful tool when marketing their products.

Amvoc nowhas a long-term and successful relationship with Dental Basics and we continue to sell proactively on their behalf on a weekly basis. Amvoc has consistently exceeded the sales targets set by Dental Basics and we now have a team of three full-time telemarketers working on behalf of this increasingly successful business.

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