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Amvoc was presented with an incredibly exciting opportunity that was full of potential when we were contacted by Chip and Pin Innovations UK. Chip and Pin Innovations UK has a major share in the UK market of banking merchant services. Amvoc was required approach companies ranging from SMEs to corporations across the UK in order to establish their needs in relation to card payment methods.

With a campaign like this, Amvoc always gets excited as there is an unlimited amount of data that can be procured. Some projects are fairly limited in that we are working in a niche market and there is not a limitless supply of data for prospects.

So many businesses in the UK have a requirement for chip and pin card reading machines which means that we had a huge project to get our teeth into. Telesales can have a huge impact on the bottom line for companies in Essex, such as our client Chip and Pin Innovations UK.

Our role in the sales process was to identify potential prospects that had a genuine requirement for the products and services offered by Chip and Pin Innovations UK.

Our experience in the financial sector combined with the exceptional sales skills of our executives has resulted in this particular project flourishing.

Because of the relatively low value of each sale, in comparison to the cost of telemarketing, Amvoc had to generate a significant number of leads on a daily basis in order for our clients to see any benefit to using our services.

Lead generation is one of our specialist areas and the team responsible for the Chip and Pin Innovations UK campaign had no problems whatsoever identifying and securing an extremely high volume of hot prospects for our client.

Even better, Chip and Pin Innovations UK was able to convert a staggering number of the leads we generated on their behalf which is always a pleasing result for any campaign.

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