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Is your business struggling through the economic crisis and would you like Amvoc to offer you a telemarketing solution that could significantly improve the functionality of your business in Essex?

If your business has been hit by hard times, it is time to take action. Amvoc can offer you a full marketing solution if you are in need of an external marketing consultancy. Amvoc has successfully helped countless businesses throughout the UK and has built up a number of long-lasting relationships with many valued clients.


Lightning Solutions approached Amvoc as a last resort after suffering financially when interest rates fell to an all-time low. Lightning Solutions offers a unique and high-tech service to businesses throughout the UK by using the latest design software to prepare lighting schemes, technical specifications and problem-solving options in relation to lighting. Lightning Solutions provides creative solutions that are fully integrated with the layout of a particular area in order to ensure that the most effective lighting options are used.

Lightning Solutions focuses on providing specialist lightbulbs that enhance the image in an area that is recorded by CCTV cameras – particularly useful when a CCTV camera is used in the dark. The specialist lightbulbs that are used by Lightning Solutions have a long life and produce a much better quality of light than standard outdoor bulbs. Lightning Solutions was interested in looking for new business opportunities but did not have a specific marketing department to carry out this task.

Has your business suffered in the same way as Lightning Solutions and would you like to hear more about how Amvoc was able to implement a successful telemarketing strategy in order to help grow this business in Essex?


Amvoc had to take into account the specifications required by Lightening Solutions before supplying data for this account – Lightening Solutions was only interested in making contact with companies that used external CCTV equipment as their lighting systems were specially designed for this particular use. Although Lighting Solutions do provide services for other areas of business, they wanted to concentrate on the design, sale and installation of this unique product.

Amvoc suggested a data mining project prior to carrying out a proactive appointment generating exercise – it would have been a waste of our client’s time and money to carry out a proactive sales campaign using the incorrect data.


After further thought, Amvoc researched areas where crime, especially vandalism and robbery, was a significant problem. Amvoc was able to promote the benefits of using the systems and products provided by Lightning Solutions in these areas in order to offer business owners more security and peace of mind – this campaign is still running successfully and we still work for a number of days a month on behalf Lightning Solutions helping them to grow their business and profit from our telemarketing efforts.

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