Telesales & Telemarketing Companies in Devon, UK

Telemarketing companies in Devon

From generating leads to booking appointments, telemarketing is by far the best and most productive way to invest your money. Regardless of your marketing budget, Amvoc will be able to design, carry out and assess a telemarketing campaign that will provide you with a service that is unique to your needs.

If you are looking for a telemarketing service provider to sell your product successfully over the phone all meetings with prospects that have a genuine interest in your services, Amvoc is more than happy to assist you in growing your business successfully.

Every business will benefit from having more customers regardless of the industry sector in which they work.

A telemarketing campaign was developed on behalf of one of the companies we work closely with, an e-commerce company based in Devon, so that they could identify new business opportunities and book meaningful meetings with potential new customers.

Our client did not have the capacity to manage, train and run an in-house telemarketing team but they were well aware of the benefits of such a project. Our client was extremely interested to find out whether our tried and tested methods would really work for them.

In order for us to give our e-commerce client the results they were looking for, Amvoc had to be confident that we were approaching the right type of business on their behalf. We decided, initially, to approach large businesses and corporations that would, most likely, have the requisite budget for the type of service our client was offering.

The average order value for a sale is at least 5times the cost of the services Amvoc is providing on a daily basis, so we have to secure at least one lead per day in order for our client to get the most of the money they are spending with us. Thanks to the impressive results we generated, Amvoc now has control of our client’s entire marketing budget.

Telesales companies in Devon

Amvoc can offer your organisation a wealth of experience if you are looking for telesales companies in Devon to assist you with your new business acquisition, client retention or any other area of your business.

Over the years we have developed a number of successful strategies that will complement any existing sales cycle. Telemarketing and telesales is a proven method of finding new business.

Taking care of a telesales campaign in-house is not always feasible; an organisation may encounter issues such as lack of space, lack of equipment, lack of experienced telesales executives or an incomplete structure.

Amvoc was able to design and implement a successful telesales project on behalf of one of our clients that has resulted in a fulfilling and prosperous relationship between us and them. Amvoc will always get to know an organisation and its ethos before even thinking about designing a campaign.

It is extremely important to us that we are able to represent your company accurately and it is also vital we are able to fully understand each and every one of your products or services.

When in the process of getting to your company, Amvoc likes to visit your premises and spent however long is necessary working alongside your existing team in order to craft a full understanding of what exactly it is you have to offer.

Generally, we will send an account manager and their team manager to spend time with you so that we can gain more than one perspective on what exactly your requirements are.

With our client in Devon, we spent three days in their dispatch warehouse and office getting to know more about the range of medical products they had to offer to establishments such as dentists, care homes and private cosmetic surgery. Only when we were completely confident we fully understood exactly what our client wanted did we design a campaign that would offer them the most significant return on investment.

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