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SAA Fire Safety, a Devon based company, contacted Amvoc after hearing about the success we were able to achieve on behalf of a similar company in a different area. SAA Fire Safety was intrigued as to whether or not Amvoc was able to produce such successful results on their behalf. Our team was extremely confident that SAA would benefit hugely from a telemarketing campaign. The majority of contracts that SAA Fire Safety were looking to obtain were £1000 + which meant that Amvoc had to make a minimum of 1 appointment per telesales adviser per day – a goal we fully intended to exceed from the outset of the account!

The number of calls that are made per day by the telesales executives at Amvoc depends entirely on the type of account we are calling on the behalf of. Some accounts benefit from a high volume of calls with short call rates, other accounts benefit from a lower number of calls with much more time spent conversing with the potential client on the phone. Amvoc pledged to make a minimum of 165 phone calls a day on behalf of SAA Fire Safety with a decision maker hit rate of at least 40%. Due to the fact that Fire safety and emergency lighting systems are a vital and useful safety system to have in a workplace, Amvoc was extremely confident that we would achieve great success with this account.

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Due to the fact that every employer in the UK has to abide by health and safety regulations, including those relating to fire safety, the first part of this project was a fact-finding mission during which we established whether or not the companies we were targeting had adequate fire safety measures in place. At the beginning of the project, SAA Fie Safety only wanted Amvoc to contact potential clients within the Devon area so we had to make sure that the data we provided was in accordance with our client’s wishes.


Amvoc has a number of team members that take a specialist interest in health and safety matters so we used this particular team to carry out the trial campaign on behalf of SAA Fire Safety. Using only open questions, Amvoc was able to ascertain sufficient information from the companies we were targeting in order to advise them that they needed to consult with SAA Fire Security - once they had agreed to a free consultation with SAA Fire Security we confirmed the appointment with all of the parties involved.

Whilst SAA Fire Safety has been busy working on the new contracts for the new clients we have managed to procure on their behalf, Amvoc is currently running a similar campaign on behalf of this business in the neighbouring county.

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