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Many business owners may have one or two misconceptions about using telemarketing but Amvoc has already helped significant number of companies in Yorkshire to achieve their goals and our achievements are proof that telemarketing really does work.

We love to get our teeth into a range of diverse and exciting projects. Our expertise has helped one of our clients, Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds, to expand from a 20 strong team to over 100 strong.

Amvoc has initiated a number of proactive campaigns for Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds as well as running the entire inbound team responsible for handling extremely high volumes of calls.

There are many different departments within Michael Lewin Solicitors including RTA, Industrial Disease, Employment (both respondent and claimant), Noise Induced Hearing Loss, Medical Negligence, Stress at Work and Work Accident.

As an example, the Advertising Agency side of Amvoc designed a newspaper advert before launching a national campaign for deafness. We have an entire team in-house that is responsible for handling the Industrial Deafness enquiries and a separate team that is responsible for carrying out the pre-vets.

Michael Lewin Solicitors now receives an average of 400-500 enquiries every week as a result of the national newspaper campaign – a high percentage of these are cost-bearing so we have helped to generate hundreds of thousands of pounds in this area of the law firm alone.

Amvoc is particularly strong in the legal sector and the hard work we have successfully completed on behalf of Michael Lewin Solicitors is testament to this. We are more than happy to share our telemarketing expertise with you and design a pilot campaign on your behalf that will generate the results you are looking for. No matter which industry sector you are involved in, our sales expertise can be applied to any campaign.

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