Telemarketing & Telesales Companies in Leicester, UK

Telemarketing Companies in Leicester

Has the time come for your business to enter a growth spurt? Do you feel that your existing client base needs refreshing and your new client base needs replenishing?

Whether you are looking to keep your existing client base happy or source new and exciting business opportunities for your organisation, Amvoc can tailor to sign a campaign that is guaranteed to drive results whilst showing a significant ROI.

One of our clients had been searching for telemarketing companies based in Leicester but had not been impressed with any of the meetings they had had with these organisations. Thankfully, telemarketing is something that can be carried out anywhere in the UK regardless of the clients location.

Amvoc operates out of a beautiful market town in the Yorkshire Dales - the setting really has to be seen to be believed. By working in a rural location we are able to keep our costs and overheads down, which means that our clients can keep their costs and overheads down because we do not charge city fees for our services. Our Leicester-based client was looking for a company to secure appointments with blue chip companies as prospective customers. They were not looking for a company that would work from a script, our client was much more interested in our ability to engage in natural conversation.

Amvoc was not required to conduct the actual sale or discuss any technical aspects of this campaign, the team was required to gather useful information and generate appointments by establishing long-term quality relationships.

Our first class clear and confident telephone manner won our client over and we now have an extremely stable relationship with them as a result of our ability to provide a variety of extremely high quality prospects.

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