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Do you realize just how much of an asset a strong, well trained and highly experienced telemarketing team could be to your business in Leicester?

Telemarketing is a skill and the best campaigns are managed by those who have a natural flair for selling. Amvoc has carefully selected a team of dynamic individuals who have a desire to succeed – the successful team at Amvoc could be a significant asset to your business if you are looking for new business opportunities or to boost your sales.

Case Study Details:

Flawless Creations Limited is a web design collective that create original, user-friendly, affordable and bespoke websites for small to medium-sized businesses, community organizations and individuals that have a requirement for such a product. Flawless Creations Limited can also provide print design, photography, logoed design and many other services to small and medium-sized businesses.

Flawless Creations Limited ethos is “if it is not exciting to look at and straightforward to use then it is not worth bothering with at all.” Prior to contacting Amvoc, Flawless Creations Limited had been growing their client base steadily via Internet related marketing but decided to explore the use of other medium to boost their new business opportunities.

Are you interested in discussing your telemarketing needs with an innovative and creative team of call handlers with experience in helping businesses in Leicester grow?

Suggested Strategy:

Generally, Amvoc is approached by clients that want to target large corporations and multinational companies so selecting data and behalf of Flawless Creations Limited was a refreshing change as the team at Amvoc was able to approach small and medium-sized businesses in order to generate interest in their exciting and innovative business services.

With our background and experience in web related activity and with the sales knowledge of the team responsible for the Flawless Creations Limited account, Amvoc was able to identify the types of industry sector that would most likely find this type of service useful.

The Outcome:

“Amvoc really did Flawless Creations Limited justice! The team got to know our business inside out and, after listening to the quality of the phone calls they were making, it really did sound like they were one of our team. The quality of the service we received from Amvoc was fantastic and they have helped us no end. We could not believe that the team displayed efficiency from the first day and even generated 10 leads - six more than we were expecting after the first day’s calling! At no point did the team working on our campaign slip and their continued efforts were much appreciated by all at Flawless Creations Limited.” Owner, Flawless Creations Limited.

If you would like to find out how a telemarketing campaign could be designed for the unique needs of your business in Leicester, contact the helpful and friendly team at Amvoc today on 0333 005 1403.

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