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Lead generation and cold calling is an extremely tough job. You have to be hard-working and extremely determined in order to make it in the world of telesales. You may be making things harder for yourself even if you are extremely determined and driven. If you come across as being insincere, you are making your job twice as hard because you are making it painfully obvious to a potential client when you are trying to mislead them. You should never make unrealistic promises; Amvoc would suggest you offer rational and fact-based information and be honest about how you can help the buyer.

Overselling is another common problem that will make any telemarketing job much harder – similar to sounding insincere, if you incessantly harp on about how superior your organisation is you may arouse suspicion from a person at the end of the phone. You can be enthusiastic and passionate without coming across as insincere. Of course, it is important to identify why your product or service would be best for the potential prospect at the end of the phone but you can explain this to them without sounding ridiculous.

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If you are looking for a professional and sales driven team of telemarketers to assist you with your campaign, you should seriously consider contacting the professionals at Amvoc.

Amvoc has already offered expert assistance to a number of companies in Gloucester and we have upheld our reputation by providing a telesales service in an appropriate manner.

One of our clients, a niche market insolvency practitioner, has been working closely with us for a number of years because of the way in which Amvoc’s professional telemarketers handle their outbound calling.

Do not make telesales harder than it should be – contact Amvoc today.

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