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Would you like Amvoc to develop a strategic telemarketing proposal specifically designed for your business in Gloucestershire? Are you struggling to find ways to boost your business? Would you like a successful marketing consultancy to grow our business in Gloucestershire for you?


The Virtual Post Box is an incredibly niche market business that turns over hundreds of thousands of pounds every year by providing an incredibly unique service to businesses and consumers. Business or consumer post is redirected to the head office whereby it is scanned and held in the customer’s account – an email notification is sent to the customer to advise that their post is ready to read. The Virtual Post Box offers a 100% safe and secure mail handling service and a number of options are available in relation to receiving the post via email.

Some customers prefer to receive their post on a daily basis, other customers prefer a weekly email including all of their post. All of the hard copies of the post are stored by The Virtual Post Box for a maximum of six months before being securely destroyed. The Virtual Post Box believes in keeping documents safe from the moment they are received until they are sent to a third party recycling company for disposal. The Virtual Post Box complies with all data protection laws and money-laundering regulations and does provide an exceptional service to their customers. Amvoc was incredibly pleased to be given the opportunity to help this unique business grow throughout the UK.

Would you like to find out how Amvoc was able to boost the profits of this struggling mail receiving and forwarding business in Gloucestershire?


When marketing such a unique product, Amvoc always aim is to provide a service that is as fantastic as the product we are marketing. Amvoc listened carefully to the requirements of The Virtual Post Box before selecting a data on their behalf. Initially, Amvoc concentrated on business to business telemarketing on behalf of The Virtual Post Box as this is the most profitable area of their business.

Amvoc downloaded data based on the desired geographical locations, mainly the largest cities in the UK for the initial campaign including London, Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool, the businesses with a turnover exceeding £1 million.


As with every project we handle, Amvoc fully researched the service we were selling to businesses throughout the UK so that we could project a knowledgeable and professional image. Amvoc actively sells this Virtual office service to businesses throughout the UK with packages ranging from £45-£800. Depending on the price of the package we sell, there are various targets that our telesales executives are expected to achieve – Amvoc has not yet underperformed on this particular account and do not expect to do so!

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