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Telemarketing Companies Cheshire

From the moment you make contact with a potential prospect to the minute a transaction is made between you and your client, you need to nurture your sales leads professionally and efficiently.

Telemarketing is the most direct and effective way to maintain contact with existing clients and to develop new and exciting business opportunities. Are you currently trying to decide which of the telemarketing companies in Cheshire to use in order to assist your business with growth or expansion? Cheshire based company, Zorb Development, previously trading as SignDesignUK, decided to use telemarketing after rebranding the business.

With over 60 years’ experience in the commercial sign development and printing industry, Amvoc was confident that we were embarking upon a relationship with an extremely stable and established company.

Zorb Development’s motto is that they always go the extra mile to ensure that their customers are satisfied. After reorganising the Zorb Developments employee structure and totally rebranding the company, the directors decided they needed to take a more proactive approach to ensuring existing clients stayed with them and potential new customers were aware of their presence and the products they had to offer.

Not only do we keep Zorb Developments database up to date and at its freshest, we also pay a significant part in the generation of new business.

Amvoc has also designed their website, provided the copywriting in order to optimise their place in the search engine rankings and our design team played a huge part in designing their brochures – the content of which was supplied by our publishers.

If you are looking to take a multi-channel approach towards redeveloping and growing your business you should seriously speak to the friendly team at Amvoc.

Telemarketing Companies in Cheshire

The majority of businesses fully understand their products and services and know exactly why they will appeal to their target market.

It is not uncommon, however, for the most innovative of businesses to miss valuable opportunities in the market because they do not take a proactive attitude towards reaching out to prospective customers.

Amvoc can help you to understand exactly where you are in the market and can develop exciting new business strategies for your organisation that will help you to become a leader in your sector.

If you are looking for a new and innovative approach to using telemarketing you don’t have to choose from hundreds of companies, Amvoc is extremely confident we can help your Cheshire based business grow and expand.

From developing a call script and pitch to analysing results and qualifying sales, Amvoc can manage every aspect of your campaign.

One organisation we currently work closely with, an independent computer company based in Cheshire, has definitely achieved the goals they set for the outcome of their telemarketing campaign.

This particular company offers computer services to business users – from supply of custom built PCs and server set-up to 24 hour support and training, this company can provide it all.

Our client was looking for long term prospects from their local area in Cheshire to start with – many of their jobs involve them having to go on site to complete installations. They wanted to expand gradually before slowly expanding further afield.

Amvoc developed a bespoke and tailor designed campaign in order to offer our client the maximum return on the investment they made in their telemarketing. Amvoc has helped this company grow gradually and has even been involved in various stages of their brand development. With a rapidly expanding customer base, thanks to the efforts of the team at Amvoc, we have yet another satisfied client.

Telesales Companies in Cheshire

If you have not taken the time to consider just how beneficial a telesales team could be for your company, you should do. As an example, DCF Barcoding Ltd, one of Amvoc’s most long-standing clients, has seen a significant return on their investment as a result of our telesales efforts and expertise.

DCF Barcoding Ltd is an international company that specialises in barcode products and RFID solutions. This company can supply label printers, thermal printheads and other barcode products as well as provide barcode labels and thermal ribbons.

Our client offers a range of services such as the maintenance of barcode products, more specifically label printers and barcode scanners of varying different brands. They also have qualified RFID trainers and provide consultancy courses to businesses as well as designing and implementing these systems to their customers’ requirements.

Because our client has such a varying range of products and services to offer, Amvoc had to spend time really getting to know the company and understanding the products before we were able to implement an effective campaign on their behalf.

Thanks to our diligence in getting to know the organisation combined with our determination to succeed with any project we take on,and Amvoc has fully integrated itself as an important part of the DCF Barcoding Ltd sales team.

If you have been looking at telemarketing companies in Cheshire because you are trying to find help with your telesales needs, you should contact the team at Amvoc to find out more about the successful campaigns we have implemented for similar businesses in your area.

We believe that it is extremely important to keep existing customers loyal as well as capture the interest of new and exciting business opportunities; we can tailor designed and integrate a campaign that will give you the best chance of growing your business successfully.

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