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Would your business benefit from a boost that can be achieved by using a telemarketing service in Cheshire?

Are you aware of just how high your ROI could be by using the services provided by Amvoc? Just one of the case studies we have detailed below is an example of how Amvoc could help you boost your client base or turnover depending on your specific requirements.


Petals Direct is a UK based importer of exotic and rare flowers from all over the world. Michaela Romley has been running this highly successful and niche business for over 13 years but was looking for a way to meet new clients and expand the success of her business. Michaela freely admitted to the team at Amvoc that she simply did not have the time to do her own new business generation and was looking for a professional outsource marketing company to take on the responsibility of growing her business in the background. Petals Direct do have a website but no work has been done on the website nor can clients make a purchase – the website was extremely basic (something Amvoc are currently working on in addition to the telesales campaign.)

One of the biggest USP’s we were able to identify in relation to Petals Direct is the types of plant they are able to safely transport into the country and retail to collectors, florists and garden centres – our research indicated that Petals Direct has the monopoly in this field. This was a useful tool when campaigning on their behalf.

Have you got similar needs to Petals Direct in that you are looking to use telemarketing to expand your business in Cheshire? Read further to find out how we were able to help Michaela boost her profits and meet new potential customers throughout the UK.


Due to the extremely limited type of business that Petals Direct wanted to target, Amvoc had to supply extremely high quality data so we needed to source this from one of our reputable suppliers. Although Petals Direct provides an extremely high quality product we needed to be able to show this to clients when marketing this service over the phone - petals direct did not have a catalogue of products on their website nor did they have a brochure for us to send to prospective customers. Working closely with Michaela, Amvoc was able to produce a PDF file of the plant species that Petals Direct could import with a few choice photographs so we could email this to interested parties following a phone call whilst our Advertising and Brand Development teams put their heads together to create a spectacular brochure (this was sent out to all prospective clients upon completion.)


After a three month trial period Amvoc had built up a strong pipeline of potential clients - mainly florists and garden centres - but we also expanded and did a trial campaign with wedding and party planners which proved to be successful.

Amvoc now handles the inbound and outbound orders for Petals Direct, thanks to our state of the art phone system and Customer Relationship Management System, and we are now responsible for handling the inbound orders as well as proactively sourcing new sales.

If you would like to make use of our low cost telemarketing trial in Cheshire, contact the new business team at Amvoc today on 0333 005 1403.

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