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Have you been looking into various telemarketing companies in order to find a consultancy to help your Berkshire based business to grow?

One of our clients,Volcom, a software company based in Berkshire, has been using our services for the last three and a half years.

Volcom’s goal is to become a global provider of web-based multi-channel cloud contact centre solutions.

In order for Volcomto achieve their goal their European Sales Director decided to invest in a telemarketing campaign. Naturally, they wanted to test the waters first. Volcom required a team of telemarketing agents that spoke a variety of European languages to business level.

A number of the team members here at Amvoc are very gifted when it comes to speaking business level foreign languages. Another one of our major clients runs conferences all over the world and our job is to find delegates to attend these conferences at a cost of $1999.00 per delegate.

Our client from the conference company requires us to contact European, Asian and American companies depending on the location so we have vast experience in working internationally. We are incredibly flexible with our calling schedules too – if we need to call Asian countries for a particular Eastern conference we start the shift at midnight and finish at 9am.

Amvoc’s ethos and flexibility was the reason Volcom decided to enquire about using our services – they were also incredibly impressed with the language abilities of our staff.

Amvoc carried out a trial campaign for Volcom so they could see the true extent of our sales abilities. Throughout the duration of this campaign Amvoc consistently produced excellent quality leads.

Amvoc now has a full time team of three working on behalf of Volcom. We are methodically working our way through European, Asian and American data, at the moment, in order to generate new business opportunities for our clients in this area.

This prestigious account is just one example of our talents in the telemarketing field.

Telemarketing Companies in Berkshire

Baretronicks is one of Europe's largest providers of customised LCD displays. The sales manager forBaretronicks was searching for telemarketing companies in Berkshire before he came across our website.

This client of ours manufactures and designs tailor-made LCD products for customers that have a particular need; from automotive supplies to industrial displays, Baretronicks aims to achieve excellence through innovation, quality, integrity and respect.

Established in 1981 by a group of academics, Baretronicks is a well-known and respected pioneer in the electronics industry.

The team at Amvoc was extremely excited to start a telemarketing campaign on behalf of Baretronicks; we met with the directors a number of times in order to ascertain exactly what they wanted to achieve from this project. Initially, Amvoc was required to work on their existing database in order to make contact with past clients.

Amvoc succeeded beyond expectations using the existing data provided by Baretronicks so we were then given an exciting opportunity to develop new business relationships using a list we were required to build ourselves.

Our experience in the technology sector played a huge part in the success of this project and has won us an incredibly valuable client. Baretronicks was hugely impressed with the intelligent and sales driven team we provided to work on their behalf.

This is an incredibly interesting project for anyone who is enthusiastic about technological developments; this world is ever changing and we are lucky to play such a proactive part in an account of this nature.

Amvoc is now responsible for retaining Baretronicks existing clients and also for generating new business opportunities in UK & Europe. So far, we have generated hundreds of thousands of pounds in revenue for this client and we continue to work closely with them in order to develop our relationship and the relationship between their business and their clients.

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