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Would you like to find out how telemarketing could help out promote your business in Berkshire?


Telemarketing can be extremely beneficial to every type of business within each industry. Amvoc carries out telemarketing campaigns for a wide variety of companies throughout the UK – Amvoc also has a number of overseas clients thanks to our reputation and flexibility.

One of our clients, a conference and exposition business, needed assistance with one of the projects they were running in Berkshire. Amvoc was approached by the marketing director Jane Clatworthy who was looking to outsource the telesales for Business Seminar Express.

Business Seminar Express was orchestrating an event in Berkshire that was aimed at every business, large or small, in the local area. There were two elements to the project that Jane wanted to discuss with the experts at Amvoc - Business Seminar Express was looking for exhibitors and visitors to the exposition.

At the time of our meeting with Jane, Amvoc had been running a successful long term international campaign on behalf of a multinational company based in London so we were in an excellent position to provide Business Seminar Express with our ideas based on our first-hand experience in this field.

Would you like to find out how Amvoc was able to help Business Seminar Express make their exposition in Berkshire a storming success?

Our Strategy:

Amvoc provided Business Seminar Express with data for over 2,500 companies in Berkshire based on the criteria Jane had specified in the initial consultation. Amvoc arranged for two of the conference and exposition experts from our specialist team to carry out a ten day trial on behalf of Business Seminar Express.

The experienced and highly professional team members from Amvoc visited the offices of Business Seminar Express to receive some training with regards to the conference that was being held – this gave the account managers the knowledge they needed to carry out the campaign flawlessly as if they really were calling on behalf of Business Seminar Express.

Amvoc approached all of the companies in the initial campaign with a view to either signing them up as a paying exhibitor or signing them up as a free visitor.

The Results:

Amvoc promoted the exposition as a fantastic networking opportunity for local businesses. Our handpicked account managers were easily able to exceed Jane’s expectations with regards to generating interest about the conference. Amvoc initially concentrated on selling exhibition spaces as this is the profitable part of our clients business – our goal, after all, is to help our clients grow and make significant profits. Over ten days we were able to sign up 67 businesses to exhibit at the business exposition – 17 over the target set by Business Seminar Express. Amvoc doubled the initial target of 100 for attracting visitors!

As a result of the success we achieved on behalf of Business Seminar Express, Amvoc now deals with all of the external marketing for every conference up and down the UK.

If you have similar telemarketing needs in Berkshire contact the dynamic team at Amvoc today on 0333 005 1403.

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