Telemarketing & Telesales agencies in Birmingham, UK

Telemarketing & Telesales agencies in Birmingham, UK

One-to one direct contact via telemarketing has, and always will be, the best and most effective way of determining a prospects level of interest in your products or services. Even better, using the right skills you can ensure that this will occur at key decision maker level.

Amvoc’s professional and experienced approach to telemarketing will help your business to establish that vital first contact.

Impersonalised email campaigns and methods of direct mailing are unmeasured and often ineffective ways of communicating your message. Ensuring you reach the right person via email and mailing campaigns is frequently an unknown quantity.

Telesales and telemarketing, however, is proven to be an extremely successful and measurable method of sourcing and securing new business opportunities.

This was proven by Amvoc when we embarked upon a campaign on behalf of a company that offers an extremely innovative business restructuring programme. The team at Amvoc was required to contact ‘C-level’ directors within multi-million pound companies.

Amvoc had to work with extremely strict criteria, set by our client, in order to produce the exact results they were looking for. Our client had already tried and tested a number of telemarketing & telesales agencies in Birmingham and elsewhere in the UK but had not achieved the desired outcome.

After spending a significant length of time fully designing our clients campaign and understanding their company ethos, Amvoc was able to produce the results are client was looking for.

This campaign was, by no means, simple or straightforward and did require a high level of diligence and drive in order to drive the results.

Thankfully, Amvoc exceeded all of our client’s expectations and we now have two of our very best appointment setting experts working for them full time.

Telemarketing companies in Birmingham

If you have decided that you need to increase the productivity of your business, you should seriously consider embarking upon a telemarketing campaign. In order for your telemarketing campaign to be a success, you really need to be able to understand your own sales process so that Amvoc can ensure we are working together with you to confirm that new business is definitely going to be generated.

Some businesses have an extremely swift sales process; others can take much longer than initially thought depending on the turnaround of a product or service. It is possible to make initial contact by email or phone but, depending on the level of work that has been put in to providing the product or service, it may be a case that the actual sale occurs 3 to 4 months after initial contact.

For larger products, for example a cruise liner, it could take 2 to 3 years from order through to dispatch. For instantaneous services, such as conferences or exhibitions, the turnaround would be much shorter.

The type of campaign Amvoc will design on your behalf will depend entirely on your sales process but we will look into a number of options for you so that the campaign is individual to your business and offers you the best results.

Amvoc’s telemarketing services were required by one of the companies we work on behalf of which is based in Birmingham. Amvoc was required to generate sales leads on behalf of a cleaning products manufacturer so that these leads could be converted into positive sales by their company representatives.

With some projects, as was the case with this one, prospects are not aware that there are alternatives until you present them with a proposal – with this particular project, Amvoc has achieved great success and we regularly carry out a telemarketing projects on behalf of our Birmingham-based client.

Telemarketing agencies Birmingham

Many businesses see much growth significantly after a telemarketing campaign has been conducted on their behalf as the quality of generated leads that Amvoc will be able to provide have potential to be converted by the company that is involved with the telemarketing campaign. Amvoc may be able to help if you are finding out more information about telemarketing agencies in Birmingham as there are many options available to companies who wish to choose this kind of proactive marketing.

An enquiry from a company called Friendly Fire was received by our team in which this relatively new business had grown significantly over the recent months before contacting Amvoc. The company had co-owners which in turn were interested in using our company for lead generation to create new business opportunities due to the success that had occurred in the previous campaign. This particular campaign was incredibly exciting for all of the telemarketing agents that were involved as it was an opportunity to help small business achieve the profitability of a much larger company. This particular company dealt with imports of eco-friendly forms of burning energy such as wood pellets. Most of these products were stored in large containers in the UK and the aim of the campaign was to generate new prospects and leads by generating interest of the product.

By using a campaign such as telemarketing it can be incredibly proactive in trying to achieve the results of a much larger business like in this instance. The potential for growth can be a limitless should the marketing campaign be conducted in the right way. Our team of dedicated and reliable agents will give an enthusiastic and constant service for all types of telemarketing campaigns that are initiated by our company. It is important that success is the goal of every campaign.

Telemarketing Companies Birmingham

It can take years of experience and knowledge to understand the intricacies of telemarketing and if you decide that telemarketing is something that you would like to look further into we recommend that you contact our expert team so that you can gain access to our knowledgeable team. If you are looking for telemarketing companies in Birmingham it is likely that you have decided that you need some kind of proactive approach to your business so that you can generate leads and continue to progress and expand your business. Telemarketing can be crucial to a business if there are episodes of decreased profitability and worries or concerns as to the future of your business.

We received an enquiry from the marketing director of In Control Direct who had decided to contact Amvoc to be able to communicate their difficulties in being able to be proactive with regards to new business prospects. The company was a distributor of consumer units throughout the UK and had decided that telemarketing would be something that could suit them. In this instance lead generation was very much required so that new business opportunities could be formulated on behalf of the company.

All new business enquiries will need to be created for a company with a certain criteria set in mind with regards to what depicts is a lead or not. It is essential at the beginning of a telemarketing campaign that clients relates to a telemarketing company exactly what they are expecting and the remit of the leads or appointments. Once all of these details have been collated and formulated into a script a telemarketing campaign can begin to be constructed in an entirely bespoke fashion so that all chances of success are maximised upon so to achieve the result of the company is looking for.

Telemarketing company Birmingham

Existing customers can provide a certain amount of business for your company but at some point there will be the necessity to venture out into your target market to find new opportunities and to generate new business. Most businesses have in place some kind of pipeline which will mean that there are opportunities that will occur throughout a year. A successful pipeline will be continuously fed so that there are always new opportunities presenting themselves to a business. In some instances a pipeline may become less occupied with opportunities and more likely to result in a business not having as many leads generated for them. This may be an ideal opportunity for telemarketing to be conducted as a campaign in this format may achieve the leads and opportunities that your pipeline is currently not providing.

We spoke to a client who worked for a large logistics company called Rio Thames Logistics who mostly dealt with transport-based solutions on a commercial front. A telemarketing campaign that was to be conducted on their behalf was used to create new business opportunities and to develop their pipeline so that they would not have periods lacking with profitability. A good pipeline will maintain profitability and give a certain amount of financial stability throughout the company. It is important and essential that this pipeline is constantly looked at throughout a business.

Once you can identify a problem with regards to few opportunities being created and leads becoming scarce, you can begin to rectify the problem by introducing something such as a telemarketing campaign. If you are looking to use a telemarketing company in Birmingham Amvoc may be able to offer the service that you are looking for and we recommend that you contact one of our expert team members to discuss the details of your requirement.

Telesales Companies In Birmingham

Telemarketing is unique in the way that you can drive your energies regardless of your geographical position and you are able to contact the businesses that you would like to speak to instantaneously over the phone. By enabling your business the options of looking into a telemarketing campaign you may be allowing for exponential growth to occur and a rise in your return on investment to become apparent. Flexible telemarketing is also an option so there does not need to be the necessity for a full-time project if you desire your project to run over sporadic series of time. This can be useful for some businesses as their requirements are not annual and have particular periods of more success with regards to what time of year it is.

We received contact from a business which dealt with global connections and business development. The idea behind the telemarketing campaign was to try to initiate some better ways of contacting businesses as this particular business needed to contact various companies on a global front. Amvoc has capabilities to be able to provide these kinds of services and telemarketing can be performed on international front. By understanding more about the telemarketing model it is possible that your business main benefit from this kind of campaign and should you require international global lead generation this is possible. If you require telesales companies in Birmingham Amvoc may be able to help.

Telemarketing is designed to be entirely bespoke in the way that a campaign is constructed on the behalf of a client and should you have any questions as to how this could work for you we welcome your call so that you can communicate with us the ideas that you have had for your business. A strong telemarketing proposal can result in huge success for a business and we recommend that if you are considering it that you contact our team.

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