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Is your audio and visual equipment & supply business struggling with new client acquisition or retention and would you like to find out how Amvoc can solve this problem by providing a successful lead generation service?

Have you been looking for a telemarketing consultancy in Birmingham that will help you expand your business successfully and boost your profits significantly?

The intelligent, quick thinking and sales driven team at Amvoc can provide you with a telemarketing service like no other. There are so many ways in which Amvoc is different to standard call centres and telemarketing agencies that there are too many to list! Amvoc has carefully selected telesales executives based on their existing skills and their potential to exceed in the field of telemarketing.

When Amvoc carries out a telemarketing campaign on your behalf it does not sound like our telesales executives are calling from a noisy call centre – Amvoc has a number of high-tech systems in place, and has invested in specialist equipment, that allows our telemarketers to make a phone call that sounds like we have made a personal effort to call the prospective client directly on behalf of the company we are working for as opposed to making a phone call from a call centre where they are just another call in a queue - Amvoc has found that this generates a much better response from the person at the other end of the phone.

Would you like to make the most of the high-tech telemarketing skills and equipment finely selected and tuned by Amvoc over the years in order to boost your sales in Birmingham?

Company Details:

Amvoc was contacted by a large international medical organisation that holds regular seminars throughout the UK. The marketing director of MedDirect, Jane Allsop, had noticed a significant decrease in the number of delegates attending the seminars they were holding in the North of England and decided to seek assistance from Amvoc in boosting their delegate attendance.


In recent years, telemarketing has proven itself to bring exceptional results for organisations that deliver seminars. If delegates are not booking on to a seminar, the organisation is losing out. Using a telemarketing consultancy with experience in a seminar booking telemarketing is vital in order to achieve a successful outcome. MedDirect offers seminars to medical and dental practices covering a variety of different topics. During the trial period, Amvoc was asked to carry out a telemarketing exercise for an upcoming seminar about a new technique that had been developed to prevent blood loss and save lives by using a rapidly expanding foam. Amvoc had to select data for a target audience that would find this particular seminar of use. Rather than download data, Amvoc researched the data extremely carefully in order that MedDirect would achieve the maximum outcome by using our services.


Thanks to the experience of the telemarketing experts at Amvoc and the carefully researched data, we exceeded our targets with the number of delegates we booked to attend this seminar. Our telemarketing experts generated a vast amount of interest amongst the potential delegates we contacted because the team responsible for this particular campaign had researched the new technology and the seminar content carefully prior to making the call - this meant we were able to explain the technology and the seminar to a potential delegates in order to capture interest and make a successful bookings.

If you are looking for a telemarketing approach in Birmingham that is something other than a boring script led call centre, contact the unique team at Amvoc on 0333 005 1403.

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