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Do you need an experienced telemarketing consultancy to help you define and implement your marketing plan in Northampton?

Amvoc works with clients large and small across a vast range of business sectors and the experienced teams within the consultancy help to deliver effective and measurable telemarketing campaigns. If you need assistance with developing and growing your business, Amvoc is the telemarketing consultancy for you. We will develop the most creative yet efficient telemarketing strategy to implement on behalf of your business to produce the best possible outcome for your campaign.

Case Study:

Exhibitions & Events UK is a popular and well-read magazine dedicated to providing information about cutting-edge and exciting conferences, seminars and exhibitions in the UK. Not only does the Exhibitions & Events UK magazine contain details of business related events that will benefit various different industry sectors, they also publish insightful and interesting articles relating to modern businesses. With news and headlines relating to everything from Glastonbury Festival to events up and coming at Birmingham’s National indoor Arena, Exhibitions & Events UK is a must read for every business owner and manager in the UK. Exhibitions & Events UK has a strong readership and subscription following but needed assistance with selling more advertising space.

Would you like to discuss the best telemarketing options for your business in order for you to develop and grow in the Northampton area?


A successful marketing strategy is the tool that ensures your investment delivers where it matters most. Amvoc will help you find the starting point that will result in you reaching your objectives no matter what your desired outcome is. Amvoc had to target businesses that we knew would have the requisite budget to advertise in a prestigious publication like Exhibitions & Events UK. Amvoc examined a number of recent publications produced by Exhibitions & Events UK in order to get a feel for the type of audience that would be most likely to advertise in the magazine. Amvoc spent a significant amount of time with the team that Exhibitions & Events UK to fully understand the types of business they were interested in attracting and the benefits that a business would find by advertising in their publication. Due to the high value of this account, Amvoc decided that it would be more effective to research and directly contact the types of business that would be most likely to have the right advertising budget – Amvoc appointed two team members to the trial campaign, one of which was responsible for identifying the target audience and the other was responsible for contacting potential clients.

Client Testimony:

“The team at Amvoc made telemarketing look too easy! We had previously tried telemarketing campaign in house in order to generate new business in terms of potential advertising opportunities but clearly did not have the skills possessed by those trained by Amvoc. Amvoc was working on selling advertising space for the June publication of the magazine, a number of the leads they generated have turned into long-standing customers. I would definitely recommend Amvoc to any business looking for a professional yet innovative approach to telemarketing.” Advertising Director, Exhibitions & Events UK.

If you are in need of a professional yet innovative telemarketing consultancy in Northampton, contact Amvoc today on 0333 005 1403.

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