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Lead generation companies Northampton

How do you find new business? Do you rely on a prospect responding to an email you sent? Do you think an advert in the local paper is enough to keep your business growing steadily?

Every business will benefit from an expanding client base. Although it is just as important to focus on client retention, sometimes there is nothing you can do to stop existing clients going elsewhere so it is vital to have a pipeline of new prospects to keep replenishing your client base.

No business has a 100% retention rate. A number of factors can play a part in a customer’s decision to shop elsewhere – one of these factors may be a phone call from a competitor at a rival company offering them a much better deal.

In order to compete in today’s market, you need to be proactive and start hunting for new business opportunities. We live in an extremely competitive world and you cannot rely on call to response advertising for ever.

When it comes to choosing a telemarketing campaign, you are certainly not limited with your options. With telemarketing and telesales, you can choose a campaign that suits your needs to perfection.

Lead generation is just one form of telemarketing that benefits all companies whether they are based in Newcastle, Northampton or anywhere else in the UK. If you have a company working on your behalf looking for leads that are relevant to the products or services you have to offer, you have a much better chance of finding new and exciting opportunities.

Amvoc has successfully completed a lead generation exercise on behalf of a business based in Northampton that was looking for a cost-effective way to source new opportunities. Telemarketing is, surprisingly, one of the cheapest ways to gain access to new business in terms of cost per lead.

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