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Would you like Amvoc to design a telemarketing proposal that will reap huge benefits for your business in Hampshire?

If you are not aware of the benefits of using telemarketing within your industry sector, read the success story below relating to one of our clients, H.J.S Health and Safety.


HJS Health and Safety offers a huge range of health and safety services to businesses throughout the UK. HJS Health and Safety employs over 100 health and safety officers who are charged with the task of visiting businesses throughout the UK and assisting them with their health and safety needs.

H.J.S Health and Safety offers businesses a complete service with everything related to commercial health and safety from training to risk assessments and written standards to notifiable accident reporting. H.J.S Health and Safety also helps businesses to attain industry certifications and offers full hands-on support with all of the time-consuming jobs involving health and safety. The majority of businesses looking to outsource a non-core service such as health and safety assessment and management approach a company like H.J.S Health and Safety. A number of businesses put off carrying out health and safety assessments due to staff shortages or lack of a member of staff with the abilities to do so. H.J.S Health and Safety was looking to approach businesses up and down the UK in order to gain new and long-term contracts for the provision of their services.

Do you have similar needs to H.J.S Health and Safety in that your business would benefit from a telemarketing campaign in Hampshire?


Amvoc had already had experience in this particular field for a company offering a similar service so we were able to base our proposal to H.J.S Health and Safety on our existing experience and knowledge. Amvoc strongly recommended to Philip Barclay, marketing director for H.J.S Health and Safety, that we systematically contact companies from different cities throughout the UK in order for him to attend and discuss their health and safety needs – it would not be productive to arrange meetings up and down the country in the same week!


Amvoc systematically called data for companies with a turnover of £1 million plus in order to arrange appointments on behalf of H.J.S Health and Safety. Once we had explained the importance of health and safety in the workplace to companies without a designated person responsible for this area within the business, Amvoc was easily able to arrange countless appointments for H.J.S Health and Safety. H.J.S Health and Safety has been able to expand and grow their business thanks to the efforts of the team at Amvoc.

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