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Inbound telemarketing in Hampshire

Having a strong and high-quality inbound customer service provision is equally as important as running a strong and proactive sales team. When a prospective client or customer decides to call your company, the first impression that they will have of your business is the reception they get from the telesales executive responsible for answering the call.

If you have a bored or miserable sounding telemarketer answering calls on behalf of your business, you are definitely not giving the best impression of your organisation.

With any inbound task, you need to use friendly and approachable telemarketers.

Have you ever called a company to be greeted by someone that genuinely makes you feel like you are interrupting something much more important? It is a massive deterrent and is not the best way to generate business.

One of our clients was searching for inbound telemarketing in Hampshire and when they came across our website and decided to give Amvoc a call. Their first impression was an extremely good one – not only did we answer the phone at 7 PM at night; we sounded extremely happy about doing so.

Our client said to us, “I have already called a few telemarketing companies but you are the only ones to answer the phone.” This, and the fact that we were more than happy to spend half an hour on the phone discussing his needs, set us in extremely good stead.

Amvoc will always practice what we preach – we provide an exceptional level of customer service for our own business, and this shows our clients exactly what we have to offer their business.

If you have any inbound telemarketing needs, you should call Amvoc for an example of exactly what we can do for your business

Telesales Companies in Hampshire

Amvoc was contacted by a company in Hampshire that was looking for an outsource telemarketing agency to generate life insurance leads and pension review leads. With our vast experience in the financial sector, Amvoc was the natural choice for this business.

Initially, our client was looking for 10 fresh and dynamic telesales operators but we suggested a trial campaign initially to test the strength of the campaign. Once the campaign was bedded in successfully, we then expanded the size of the team in turn.

In order for Amvoc to do the best job possible on behalf of any client, we will always suggest a trial campaign so that we can be fully confident that our client is getting the most out of their money.

During the trial period, it is an opportunity for our telemarketers to test the pitch and the script in order for us to gain the best results for the time we spend working on behalf of our client.

If you approach a telemarketing company that says to you straight away, without even hearing the details of your requirements, that they can definitely produce the results you are expecting you should be extremely cautious. It is always in the best interests of both parties to test a campaign prior to making any decisions about the targets that should be set and the real results that are achievable.

If you are approaching telesales companies in Hampshire because you want to start a telemarketing campaign, it is extremely important you have confidence in their abilities prior to entering into a contract with them.

We would strongly suggest that you test a number of telesales companies before making a final decision about which one you want to work with – any reputable company will be more than happy to test your ideas before agreeing to a campaign.

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