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Amvoc is living proof that telemarketing companies do have success with generating new business in Bournemouth.

A recruitment company in Bournemouth approached Amvoc in order to determine whether or not they were getting the best results from their in-house telemarketing team. This client started their business in 2001 and had been prospering but was struggling to grow any further.

This Bournemouth based recruitment company offers a dynamic and fresh approach towards agency recruitment.

When John, Amvoc’s new business manager, visited this company to discuss their campaign he was filled with enthusiasm and positivity. Their unique approach to placing new members of staff in the right roles certainly appealed to us.

Our job is to approach businesses in the local area and offer the services of our client. Sounds simple but recruitment is a dog eat dog world!

Amvoc, at the start of the campaign, was used as a benchmark for comparing the performance of their in house team with our telemarketers here.

Targeted with a minimum of one appointment per telemarketer per day, our clients in-house team was consistently failing to achieve their targets. Our client wanted to be sure that outsourcing their telemarketing would produce the results they were expecting to see.

After a management team discussion regarding this project, Amvoc decided that this particular project fell into Samantha’s remit – having worked in recruitment prior to joining Amvoc she couldn’t have been a better person for the job.

We now manage all of the telemarketing for this client as we achieved such great success in the initial campaign. Samantha was able to generate an average of ten bookings per week for the recruitment consultants to visit businesses to discuss their recruitment needs. All in all, quite a success!

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