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Have you considered using an experienced and professional outsourced telemarketing business in Bournemouth in order to boost your sales or generate new sales opportunities?

Amvoc is a telemarketing consultancy that has a vast amount of telemarketing experience – the telemarketers working at Amvoc have a full understanding of the sales process and know how to design and implement successful telemarketing campaigns across every industry sector. Telemarketing is a cost effective and simple way to find more business although finding a successful telemarketing company to take care of your campaign is not always easy. Amvoc can offer you a bespoke and complete tailor-made service in order to maximise your chances of making a return on your investment in telemarketing.


Quality Access is a market leading accountancy firm that specialises in business and financial management solutions for every type of industry sector. Quality Access contacted Amvoc with a requirement to cleanse their database and build their contact list. Quality Access wanted Amvoc to focus on contacting their existing clients to ensure that the details they held were correct and up-to-date. Quality Access accentuated the fact that email addresses were of particular importance and that accuracy in terms of validating a client’s email address was vital.

Would you like to find out how Amvoc can implement a successful telemarketing strategy on behalf of your business in order to generate new sales or find new customers in Bournemouth?


Amvoc was provided with the database already held by Quality Access and we had to import this into our customer relationship management system. Amvoc uses a high-tech and top spec customer relationship management system whereby each of our clients has their own area and can access this externally in order to view the progress of their campaign. A number of security systems are in place on the CRM system used by Amvoc all of which are compliant with the data protection act.

Once the Quality Access database was uploaded into our customer relationship management system, it was a case of assessing the best approach to take when approaching their existing clients. Amvoc decided to approach existing Quality Access clients by informing them that we were carrying out a customer satisfaction role to make sure that we held their correct details and that they were happy with the service they were getting.


Amvoc was able to update the entire database on behalf of Quality Access and provide our client with valuable information about their services so that they could assess whether or not they needed to make any adjustments within their business.

As a result of the hard work we put in to completing this campaign has successfully and to a high standard, Quality Access returns to Amvoc on a regular basis in order to gain access to new business opportunities from new data that we purchase on their behalf.

If you would like to discuss your options in terms of using Amvoc to run a successful telemarketing campaign on behalf of your business in Bournemouth, contact our highly trained team today on 0333 005 1403.

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