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B2B telemarketing is an invaluable sales tool but there is a massive difference between a successful campaign and a failed project. Success generally depends on the techniques that are used during both the planning and execution stages of the campaign.

It is important that calls are scheduled correctly in order for you to make the best use of your time; there is no point in making 300 calls per day if they are not going to result in a meaningful conversation.

In every call you make on behalf of your business you should have a specific purpose and target which is achievable in order for your pitch to have clarity. You have to be sure of your desired outcomes for making the call in order to achieve what you set out to do.

Rather than launching into a one-sided spiel the very second you manage to contact a decision maker, you should use your knowledge of your target market to guide yourself into a conversation. Do not just list the benefits of your products or services; ask questions in order to determine whether or not the prospect will find your offering beneficial.

Even if you are able to achieve success with the above, many attempts at telemarketing are ruined when the telemarketer is unable to move to the next step. It is important to gain commitment from a phone call if you are to convert the prospect into a sale; this is the part of the process that our Leeds based client struggled with. Our client had great skills on the phone and they were extremely passionate about their products but they simply could not close.

Our client contacted Amvoc with a view to outsourcing their B2B telemarketing in Leeds after failing at closing their prospects. With our expert help and guidance we converted the majority of their leads into appointments.

Lead generation companies in Leeds

Now is the time to take action, review your position in the market and work on your proposition.

Our client, a supplier of water dispensers and water dispenser disposables, had been looking at a number of lead generation companies in their home town of Leeds prior to contacting Amvoc.

Our client was looking for a lead generation service in order to identify new business prospects within businesses of various sectors throughout the UK. Initially, our client wanted to focus on the Leeds area before carrying out campaigns in various cities in the north.

Amvoc was chosen by our client for a variety of reasons but the main selling point was our impressive history with projects of this nature and the low costs we are able to offer clients because of our unique location.

Initially, Amvoc carried out a pilot campaign on behalf of our client in order to help them understand the skills we have in this area. We designed, implemented, tested and analysed the campaign on a day-to-day basis so that our client would have a solid understanding of their cost per lead.

The team responsible for this account was tasked with the challenge of booking appointments with businesses throughout the UK. After researching our client’s products and services, we started to look at the types of premises we should be targeting.

Initially, Amvoc decided to target companies that would have a genuine requirement for our client’s services such as dentists, doctors and other businesses that would, most likely, have a reception area within their premises. After this, Amvoc tested a campaign based on businesses that would most likely have a cafeteria or staffroom area. We then targeted offices and similar establishments that we were confident would have a use for a water cooler. Thanks to our full understanding of our clients’ needs and targets, Amvoc has proven to be an extremely useful addition to our clients marketing compliment.

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