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Appointment setting companies Leeds

Appointment setting is one of the most productive ways to meet prospects and “get a foot in the door.”

If a busy businessman is willing to give him your time and agree to an appointment, you are halfway there. Providing you have identified that the prospect has a genuine requirement for your services, all you have to do during the appointment is close the sale.

Unfortunately, many businesses do not have the time to carry out a methodical and well-planned telemarketing campaign in order to set appointments with potential prospects. This is where Amvoc can help.

As an example, Amvoc has carried out a number of appointment setting exercises for companies in Leeds and has helped generate hundreds of thousands of pounds in business for our clients. One of these clients, a business coaching organization based in Leeds, helps others to grow their organization through a range of tools, training, strategies and also a shift in mindset.

Not only does our client provide one-to-one business coaching to organization, they also carry out a number of networking events in Leeds on a regular basis. During these networking events, our client provides business training for small and medium-sized businesses.

Amvoc carried out a two tier campaign for this client; our primary target was to make an appointment for our client to visit a prospect at their premises to discuss utilising their services, are secondary target was to boost attendance at our clients networking and training events.

Thanks to the hard work of the experienced telemarketers on our team, we have an extremely satisfied client. We have worked extremely hard and behalf of our clients to ensure that we have achieved the results the expected from the outset of the campaign. By targeting the right industries, and the right decision makers within these industries, we had generated a significant number of appointments and behalf of our client thus reducing the cost per acquisition vastly.

B2B Telemarketing Leeds

B2B telemarketing in large UK cities such as Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham may seem like a very daunting prospect but there are a number of significant benefits to sourcing new business opportunities in this manner.

In order for you to make more sales you cannot rely on your existing client base to boost your profits. You need new and profitable business opportunities you. So how do you find new business opportunities in your target market?

One of our clients started their business in 2010 and, up until 2012, had built up a solid customer base which then plateaued at the beginning of 2013. Struggling to generate new business in their target market, our client started to look into telesales and telemarketing options.

Initially, Amvoc was required to find new prospects for our client before starting a telesales exercise in order to sell products directly over the phone. Once Amvoc have sourced and secured a target number of new business opportunities, we were then given our clients entire database in order to make sales over the phone. Thankfully, our client has noticed a significant increase in turnover and profit thanks to their investment in the services of the exceptional telemarketers at Amvoc.

One of the most important elements of running a successful business is continuous maintenance of the relationships between your organisation and your clients. Once you have found a new client and built trust and rapport, you need to keep hold of your mutually advantageous business relationship.

In order to do this, you need to go beyond your regular role as a salesperson and look for different ways you can be valuable to your prospect. If you struggle with any element of your new business acquisition/existing client retention, contact the team at Amvoc today.

Lead generation companies in Leeds

In recent years, lead generation techniques have developed and become much more technologically sophisticated. Is your business keeping up with the times or are you missing out on valuable sales leads because of your reluctance to enter the 21st Century?

With customer relationship management systems, auto dialling technology, social media and many other modern tools, your sales team could achieve a much higher efficiency lead generation and appointment setting rate.

If, however, the cost of investing in state of the art technology that will significantly improve your business systems is not within your budget, you should consider outsourcing.

Out sourcing lead generation to a telemarketing consultancy like Amvoc has already benefitted a number of companies in Leeds. One of our clients, a Leeds based technical training provider to aeronautical manufacturers, was not willing to spend time and money on an in-house telemarketing team but they were aware of the benefits of telemarketing.

Prospecting is, quite often, a low-yield, high rejection activity and is universally despised by those that do have not chosen telemarketing as a career. The telemarketers at Amvoc, however, are resilient, determined and have specifically decided on this career path. We do not shy away from prospecting! At Amvoc we use all of the latest technology from customer relationship management systems to call recording systems to auto dialling technology and CRM analysis functions.

Our client is able to track every stage of their campaign and can view, at the touch of a button, all of the data within their own area on our customer relationship management system. Everything we do at Amvoc is completely transparent for our clients to see so that you can be extremely confident in the way we handle your account.

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