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Are you interested in discussing how your new business could benefit from a successful telemarketing campaign in York? Are you struggling to find the right customers for your product and do you need a team of telemarketing experts to investigate new business opportunities on your behalf?

Amvoc was approached by a local business owner, Bryan Smith, who had a new business with fantastic potential. Bryan is a fantastic character and the team at Amvoc was excited about the prospect of helping him to develop his concepts and ideas into a large successful business. Bryan had, prior to starting up his business, worked in the building trade but was seriously injured in a terrible accident whilst using unsafe work tools. After recovering from his injury, Bryan decided to design a range of tools that had all of the necessary safety features but that were available to the end user at an extremely reasonable price. After months of researching manufacturers in Asia and working closely with ISO-certified engineers, Bryan developed a range of power tools that could be produced at a very low cost so that the price could be reflected with the end user. Bryan wanted to eliminate the need for a third party seller marking up the cost of his products so that the end user was not deterred by the price.

Amvoc explained to Bryan that the process of selling to the end-user directly from the manufacturer would not be a short-term process and that we had to establish and develop a relationship with the buyer prior to making the sale. Amvoc supplied data for thousands of businesses in the building trade throughout the UK and worked hard to identify new business opportunities, build a relationship, register them to the Tools Designed 4 U website, introduce them to the products and eventually use our well-developed sales techniques in order to sell the products.

Are you interested to find out how Amvoc’s telemarketing expertise helped Bryan to expand his York based new business?

Client Feedback:

“The team at Amvoc did explain to me from the outset that the type of campaign I had in mind would not necessarily produce immediate results. I was more than prepared to trial the project over a few weeks in order to determine whether it was worth using telemarketing long-term. The team at Amvoc could not have done more for my business in terms of hard work and effort. Their ideas and strategies combined with my thoughts and experience in this industry produced exceptional results and my client base is expanding every day with their continuous efforts.

I wanted my concept to be successful and it has been thanks to the marketing expertise and advice I received from Amvoc. I did not just receive a telemarketing service, their input into other areas of my business was much appreciated in terms of advertising and brand development and I now have a thriving company! I cannot thank them enough!” Bryan Smith, Tools Designed 4 U.

If you need assistance with telemarketing your products or services in York or elsewhere in the UK, contact Amvoc now on 0333 005 1403 so we can start developing a campaign that will produce the best results for your business.

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