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Would you like to take advantage of the telemarketing experience that has been accrued by the team at Amvoc over a number of years in order to develop new and exciting opportunities for your business in Worcestershire?

Amvoc has carefully hand selected a winning team that will make telemarketing work for your business. With every new account we take on, Amvoc will update the skills, techniques and knowledge of the team responsible for handling the campaign in order to provide the best possible service. All of the telemarketers working at Amvoc have experience in the sales field but they also have a unique and individual flair that no amount of training can instil.

Amvoc have perfected the art of “getting through the gatekeeper” by using a number of innovative and ingenious techniques. If you have tried telemarketing campaign but it failed, it may well be because you are unable to break through the gatekeeper. Amvoc will aim for a minimum of a 30% decision maker hit rate using the skills and techniques we have finally developed over years in this field.


Arnscliffe Associates, managed and directed by John Arnscliffe, is a Worcester based recruitment agency. John contacted Amvoc about outsourcing some of their workload in order to boost their client base and generate a number of new leads. John wanted to significantly increase the number of businesses in the Worcestershire area using Arnscliffe Associates as their recruitment agency. Arnscliffe Associates has divisions to provide employees for the following areas: Finance, PA/Admin, Human Resources and Temporary Positing. Arnscliffe Associates is a prestigious recruitment agency that offers highly trained and reliable personnel to businesses on a temporary or permanent basis.

Do you need the experienced and dynamic team at Amvoc to design and implement a successful telemarketing strategy on behalf of your business in Worcestershire?


Geographically, the selection of data Amvoc was required to produce the use on the Arnscliffe Associates had to relate to the Worcestershire area. The geographical location of the potential new business contacts was not the only criteria we had to meet when selecting this data carefully. Arnscliffe Associates wanted to contact large and well established businesses in the Worcestershire area so the highly trained team at Amvoc selected data relating to businesses with a turnover of £2 million plus. With the vast experience we have had in the field of recruitment telemarketing, Amvoc has enough knowledge to know that our telemarketers get a much better response from larger businesses and corporations.


Amvoc was able to start to this particular campaign on solid grounds thanks to the experience our telemarketers have in the field of new recruit acquisition, the high quality data we have access to on behalf of our clients and the in-depth knowledge we had about Arnscliffe Associates and the fantastic service that this company has to offer. Amvoc identified potential clients and made good quality appointments and behalf of Arnscliffe Associates - our team has significantly increased the size of their client base with the quality appointments we set on their behalf.

If you are ready to start a successful telemarketing campaign in Worcestershire in order to give your business a much-needed boost, contact Amvoc today on 0333 005 1403.

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